EPT London: Day 1a, level 8 updates

October 02, 2009


Live updates from day 1A, level eight of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 400-800/100

10pm: Break

Players are on a break and will return to play the final level of the day.

10pm: Coren departs
The Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren’s day is done. She came by to tell us that that was so, and she told her Twitter followers this:

“Out! Finally found a pair, got action, done. A shame but I’m fine. Yesterday really hurt cos it was the bubble, this one not meant to be.”

9.55pm: Kravchenko lives!
Joao Barbosa is out. It’s still weird saying that given his endless run of cashing last season. Marcel Luske looks comfortable, and is calling over his personal waiter for more drinks, but is still just short of his starting stack, on 27,000. On the other side of the room it’s better news for Alex Kravchenko. He just doubled up through Roger Hairabedian. On a flop of K♥A♦6♥ Kravchenko made it 6,000 before Hairabedian raised to 24,200 total. Kravchenko then moved all-in, showing K♠6♠ when Hairabedian called with 7♥Q♥. An 8♠6♣ on the turn and river and Kravchenko survives.

9.51pm: The Mouth zipped shut
Mike Matusow is no more at EPT London. He never really got his stack moving in the right direction and when down to ten big blinds he found king-jack and got it all in but ran into a player with pocket queens. The rest is history as they say

9:41pm: Too much action for Eastgate

No one has ever described Peter Eastgate as a nit.

A pre-flop raise was enough to spook most of the table. Then, Andrea Gandini made a call from the button. Yaron Malki looked up from the blinds.

“I don’t want to play with you,” he said.

“Then fold,” Eastgate said. For half a second, he reminded me of Anton Sugar. If he had flipped a coin and told me to call it, I would’ve run out of the room.

Malki was not nearly as jumpy. He called, too…but checked blind.

The flop came down 5♥8♦K♠. Eastgate uncharacteristically checked behind. Gandini did the same.

On the K♦ turn, Malki checked and Eastgate woke up. Whatever coin he had flipped, he’d obviously decided it was not in Malki’s favor. He bet 3,800. What he must not have expected was a call from both opponents.

The turn, Q♠ drew yet another check from Malki. Eastgate bet 5,600 and..uh-oh, Gandini called.

“I would’ve called you,” Malki told Eastgate, then mucked.

Eastgate turned up 10♠10♣. Gandini held queen-jack, good for the win.

Eastgate now has about 70,000 and is, to our relief, not Anton Sugar. At least, we hope not.

9.30pm: Better news for one Team Pro

Pieter de Korver was down to below 20,000 at one point today but sits at the relatively dizzy heights of 74,000 now. Part of that was due to bluffing the formidable force of Sami Kelopuro on a 9♣J♥8♣6♠A♠ board. Kelopuro folded to a river bet and was then sown K♥10♥ by the Dutchman.

9.20pm: Team Pros demise
It’s bad news for two members of PokerStars Team Pros. Johnny Lodden and Luca Pagano have both seem their tournament come to a premature end.

Pagano ran his pocket queens in to an opponent’s pocket kings and obviously failed to improve. Lodden was unlucky but in a different way. He got his last 10,500 in with pocket jacks and was up against table chip leader Sida Yuen with ace-jack. A nasty three-outer as a jack fell on the turn to bust him.

9.05pm: Till next time
That’s the end of the road for Fatima Moreira de Melo. She raised, got a caller and on the flop of 2♠6♠3♠ her opponent moved all-in. De Melo had to call. The problem for her was that her flush 10♠8♠ was a tad shorter than her opponents 4♠J♠ and that tad made all the difference.

“Good game guys,” she said, wishing others good luck and shaking hands. “I couldn’t fold it.”

9pm: Blinds up
A new level, with one more to follow after this.

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