EPT London: Day 1b, level 1&2 updates

October 03, 2009


Live updates from day 1B, level one and two of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Mark Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 75-150

2.11pm: Rare fold?
On a board of 3♦2♥10♥Q♣ Bertrand Grospellier bet 5,550. That’s a number quick to type but Antoine Saout, the November Nine man still in the pot with ElkY, took a bit longer to count the call, longer still to count the raise: 13,225 in all. With the eyes of a dozen press however many were on the other side of two TV cameras, ElkY folded this one.

2.10pm: Pairs in their pockets
Julian Brecard and Team PokerStars Pro Brazil Andre Akari were heads-up and the turn was out giving us a K♠5♥K♦8♦ board and there was already about 6,000 in the pot. Brecard led out for 2,250 before calling Akari’s raise to 6,000. This was enough action as they both checked through the 4♥ river. Akari tabled 3♥3♦ but Brecard’s Q♥Q♦ was good for the pot.

That’s the end of level 2. Players are now on a 15 minute break.

2pm: The return of Danny Ryan
On a flop of 3♦9♥4♦ Danny Ryan and Bruno Fitoussi clashed, checking to the 2♦ turn before Fitoussi made it 1,250. Ryan called while the seat one player, with them up to now, folded. On the J♠ river Fitoussi made it 5,000. Ryan held his chin the way you would if someone told you “look like you’re thinking,” and grudgingly called. Q♦6♦ for Fitoussi. With a flick of the eyebrow Ryan folded.

1.55pm: Minieri mangled
Dario Minieri is the first notable elimination of day 1b – and there was something characteristically Minieri-esque about it. There was an early-position pre-flop raise and Minieri three-bet from late position. The button, the small blind, the big blind and the limper all came along and saw a flop of 3-6-7. Steve O’Dwyer, who was in the small-blind seat, bet 1,800 at it and Minieri shoved all in for 13,000. That’s our Dario.

O’Dwyer was the only called and he tabled 6-7 for top two. Minieri’s pre-flop raising hand was 5-8, so he had flopped an up and down straight draw. It missed though, and he’s out.

1:51pm–Welcome, welcome, welcome!
We honestly don’t feel like we have welcomed you enough, so here’s a video homage to the beginning of our day.

Watch EPT6_LondonDay1B_Introduction on PokerStars.tv

1.40pm: The return
And just like that, we have internet back. Phew.

1.30pm: Internet issues
We’re having severe problems with the internet at EPT London at the moment, so these updates are being brought to you from the thick of the action in a hotel room on the 23rd floor. There are men in dungarees looking at boxes blinking with green lights, so we’re hopeful that it will be sorted soon.

1.25pm: Table of death
There are lots and lots of name players around today so that’s going to throw up some difficult tables to be a part of. How about this one for a line-up? We start with Philippe Dauteuil (5th at EPT5 Lodon) then Michael Martin (winner EPT5 London), Brandon Adams, Team Pro Asia Bryan Huang Diwei, Team SportStar Boris Becker, gap, Surinder Sunar and then finally Pascal Perrault.

1.20pm: Luck of the Irish
You can probably tell from Christer Johansson’s name that he’s not actually Irish but he is the reigning Irish Open champion so probably drew some luck from the Emerald Isle. The Swede’s up to 45,000 already here in London after finding his pocket aces matched up well against an opponent’s pocket kings

1.10pm: Your reputation precedes you sir
Some players come to a new table and earn a reputation as a loose and aggressive player through their play on that particular day. Others are so famous for that style of play that their reputation follows them and is ingrained on opponent’s minds right from the off. One of those players is Betrrand “ElkY” Grospellier. It’s no wonder then when he tries to dampen this reputation a little by advertising some tight play.

There was a limp from a player in the cut-off before Wooka Kim made it 350 to go from the button. ElkY called from the small blind and did the official limper before the flop came 10♦5♦9♣. ElkY led out for 550 and both players folded. A smile came across the Frenchman’s face and he flipped over J♠J♣ for the over pair.

1pm: Matador draws blood
A player in mid-position raised to 300 before Carlos Mortensen three-bet from the next seat to 1,225. The call was made and the players saw a 4-4-6 flop. It was checked to Mortensen who continued his aggression with a 2,100 bet. The call was made before the 9 turn came down and Mortensen fired 3,500 when checked to him. His opponent called and he also did when faced with an 8,200 bet on the 2 river. Mortensen turned over A-4 which was good for the pot as his opponent mucked. He’s up to around 50,000 now.

12.45pm: Lucky Sooki
If I was the kind of man who enjoyed rubbing my hands all over the bodies of other poker-playing men (and I’m not; those rumours are false) I’d be a massage therapist at the EPT. Thankfully I’m not considering a career change because Sookhee Blatrix’s crack outfit have that concession well covered. Just ask Ivo Donev. “I had aces first hand after you arrived,” Donev said to Sookhee, who is currently working on the Austrian. “You bring me luck, baby.” A big tip will no doubt follow.

12.30pm: Obrestad on time and firing
Not for Annette Obrestad the fashionably late arrival. The Norwegian was on time and instantly involved, firing 4,175 of her 30,000 starting stack at a board of 8♦7♠10♥4♠4♦. It was enough to take down a small pot.

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