EPT London: Day 1B, level 3 & 4 updates (100-200, ante 25)

October 01, 2011


4.26pm: Break time
Players are ona 15 minute break.

4.25pm: Another brick in the wall
Level four is coming to an end with half the field oblivious to it as they tap away on cell phones. So far the Twitter Wall is proving popular, albeit with scant regard paid to opponents slated by the victors using the #EPTLondon.

Daniel Negreanu has made it to the break but might not be here for much longer, nursing a stack of less than 5,000. Dario Minieri was reported to be here but no sooner had he been spotted he was shaking hands with the player who eliminated him, and heading for the door. – SB

4.20pm: The battle is heating up
We mentioned before that Rupinder Bedi and Sam Rasavi are playing today and battling out for the UKIPT TLB. The winner will get a passport to all Season 3 events. Rasavi is in the lead so as long as Bedi doesn’t cash, he’s all good.

Rasavi has worked out that if his opponent isn’t at the table he can’t win. Check out his latest tweet:

“PokerStarsEPT A years’ supply of Jaeger to the person that kidnaps Rupinder Bedi and returns him after he’s blinded out :0) #eptlondon”. — MC

4.15pm: Too bad for Tufat
Andrew “Tufat” Teng is out. We noticed him hurriedly getting up from his chair and quickly jotted down what we could.

He was heads-up with Samir Hadad and the two had made it to the 9♠3♣9♥ flop. Teng had around 12,000 chips and they were all over the line with his upturned hand of J♦J♥. Hadad had matched the 12,000 with his 7♥9♦ for trips. The board ran out 4♥A♦ and Teng tried to navigate his way our of the room. — MC

4.08pm: Wilf heroes and busts
Saar Wilf played some ballsy poker on his way to the final table at EPT Barcelona a few weeks ago and he just made another gutsy move just moments ago. Having called a raise on the flop from the Dutchman, Wilf check-shoved K♦10♥ into Rien Willem de Vries on a K♠4♣2♣5♥ board and was thrilled to be called by A♠3♣. Until he realised that gave his opponent the wheel. He let out a yelp of surprise and left the table. De Vries is up to 35,000. — RD

4.02pm: Money for nothing
Jason Mercier has won millions on the tournament circuit, including here, where three years ago he won the EPT London High Roller. Since then more titles have followed to help his bank account swell. But when it comes to English money that’s where the trouble starts. Paying for a bowl of soup and a sandwich a short while ago he had to ask English people at his table to help him with the coins, all while he had a wodge of bank notes balancing on his knee. Mercier held up a ten pence piece.

“That’s ten pence?” he said. “Why is it so small?”

Regardless, he handed that, and a few more coins to the waiter, stood patiently trying not to interfere.

Elsewhere a few small pots coming to nothing.

Vanessa Selbst saw a flop of 2♦3♦10♦ but was forced out before the turn. Boris Becker was trying the same, up to more than average, although he was just forced out of a hand against Jack Salter. – SB

ept london_day 1b_vanessa selbst.jpg

Vanessa Selbst

4pm: All about the numbers
A total of 411 players competed today which, combined with yesterday’s
280 field, makes 691 total for EPT London Season 8. The prize pool details will follow in a few hours when all the numbers have been crunched. — MC

3.48pm: Negreanu bluff blows his stack
Daniel Negreau is down to 3,500 after making a move on a [j][t][9][7][6] board with A♠J♠.

“down to 3500 but I’m ok with the play. Was bluffing obv but figured he was unlikely to have KQ and he needed to to call.” tweeted Negreanu. — RD

ept london_day 1b_daniel negreanu.jpg

“Ahhh, so you did flop the nuts after all”

3.47pm: Twitter wall
The EPT likes to keep up with the times and Twitter is very much a part of a poker player’s life these days. It’s a great way for them to directly communicate with followers when poker reporters miss something (We’re good but we can’t see everything). This week there is a large screen or Twitter wall where all the posts related to this EPT will flash up.

Here are a few recent examples:

@JoesphHachem: “Just busted same guy, put him all in on turn with board reading AAQ8, me AJ him A2, 60k. bad news is the value is gone now #EPTLondon , #fb”

Rupert “ruperte” Elder: “42k won big one off Vanessa. dealer on tab 35 looking longingly at nacho! #EPTLondon”

Nicolas “CrocMonsieur” Levi: “39k #eptlondon with one of the toughest tables if this was 2006. More amateurs than pros is pretty rare!” — MC

3.41pm: O’Dea and Strassmann clash
I told you so. Just scroll down to 3.12pm: Germans winning prizes and you’ll see that I mentioned that Eoghan wouldn’t be afraid to take on Johannes Strassmann.

Irishman O’Dea had two red 1,000 chips in front of him, Strassmann a single yellow 5,000 disc showing his four-bet to 4,900. O’Dea moved his 20,000 stack forward and the German Team Pro passed. O’Dea is not an easy mark at the table. — RD

3.35pm: No double fault for Becker
News has just reached us that Boris Becker has doubled-up to 56,000. The Team PokerStars SportStar had pocket kings to an opponent’s pocket aces but found a third king on the flop to save him. — MC

ept london_day 1b_boris becker.jpg

Tennis legend Boris Becker

3.25pm: We’re into level 4 but these players aren’t
Nikolaus Teichert
EPT Grand Final winner Ivan Freitez
Thomas Dolezal
Hungtu Wang
Jamie Roberts
Marino Paganelli
Markus Lehmann
Eduardo Alcouce
Andrey Bondar
Georges Tohme
Matthew D Giannetti
Daniel Pelletier
Aneris Adomkevicius
Andre Morath
Marc Daubach — MC


3.12pm: Germans winning prizes
Marc Gork wins the prize for the best bookmark in the field. Admittedly he’s probably not up against any opposition but even if he was he’d win, it’s a saucy picture of a lady – artfully shot, of course.

Fellow German Johannes Strassmann wins the prize for stating the bleeding obvious: “They’re scared of me. They don’t want to mess with me,” he said. I don’t know if he was talking about poker or not, but one player that wouldn’t be afraid of duking it out over the table would be the player on his right, November Niner Eoghan O’Dea. Strassmann looking confident was a stack of around 58,000. — RD

ept london_day 1b_johannes strassmann.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Johannes Strassmann

3.10pm: Pot to Becker
Boris Becker just won a small pot against Sorel Mizzi. With the board reading 10♥6♦J♥K♣10♦ Mizzi checked from the small blind. Becker, in early position, flung out 3,000, a pot sized bet, which Mizzi couldn’t help but call. Becker turned over A♣10♣ to take the hand, moving up to 32,000. Mizzi down a little to 37,000. – SB

3pm: Beers in
Sampo Ryynanen pours himself a beer. He looks like he’s from a country in which he’s too young to buy beer so is enjoying himself, taking a pot against Mario Nagel.

Jason Mercier, who has a small patch of pale skin on his throat where his beard stops and his chest hair begins, just conceded a small pot to Juan Manuel Pastor.

Mercier opened for 400 which Pastor called from the button for a flop of K♣8♣A♦. Both checked for a 5♦ turn card. Mercier checked to Pastor who bet 700, taking the pot.

Mercier was on Twitter soon after, declaring his table tough but “mashable”, which anyone in view of the Twitter Wall, including those at his table, could read. – SB

ept london_day 1b_jason mercier.jpg

Jason Mercier: there’s where the beard ends

2.52pm: Pezzin biding his time
Team PokerStars Pro Pat Pezzin is sitting with his hands clasped up in front of his face as if to remind himself not to rock the boat. There are now two stacks of around 50,000 to his right which I could see him eyeing greedily. They belong to Imari Love and Thomas Petit. — RD

2.50pm: Strassmann surprised he’s good
Some of the best modern day players are robotic-like in their mannerisms, and Johannes Strassmann and Michael Tureniec are two players that fall into that category, and they are two of the best.

The Team PokerStars Pro raised to 525 and was called in two spots, including Tureniec in the small blind. The flop came down 2♠8♥9♦ and Strassmann c-bet for 1,500 and was only called by the Swede. Both checked the 7♠Q♣ turn and river.

“I don’t think it’s good”, said them German as he revealed 5♣5♦. He was wrong though as Tureniec mucked in silence. — MC

2.35pm: Strong line from Guillen worked
Angel Guillen said things could have gone better for him in the first two levels. Level three is going better as he took a pot off Thomas Quaade.

The Team PokerStars Pro raised to 400 from under the gun and Quaade was the only caller from the button. The flop came down 3♦Q♣Q♦ and the Mexican’s 550 c-bet was called. The turn came J♠ and Guillen elected to check-raise his opponent’s 1,125 bet up to 4,200. The Dane thought long and hard before mucking. Guillen back up to 26,000. — MC

2.20pm: Play on, people
Level three has begun and late registrations are still valid for the next 60 minutes, after which we’ll be able to tell you the full field number. A payout structure should follow shortly after but it’s going to be a chunky purse for the winner whatever that final number settles on. — RD

ept london_day 1b_.jpg

Vanessa Rousso

PokerStars Blog reporting team in London (in order of proximity to tournament floor during break): Rick Dacey (in media room setting up this post), Marc Convey (on the 12th floor using his ‘facilities’) and Stephen Bartley (on the 13th floor having a shave). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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