EPT London: Day 1b, level 4 updates

October 03, 2009


Live updates from day 1B, level four of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Mark Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 150-300

4.33pm: Scandi battles
The table is our thoughts right now is living up to its reputation. The pure aggressive nature of it means that a lot of pots are played out purely pre-flop and it’s no surprise to find Gus Hansen and Annette Obrestad in the thick of things.

Obrestad raised to 625 from the cut-off only to face a three-bet to 1,825 from Hansen in the big blind. The diminutive Norwegian was having none of it thought and four-bet to 6,000 which was enough to make the Dane fold.

Two hands later Obrestad was at it again with a raise to 625 from mid-position. There was a call from James Obst before Hansen three-bet to 2,525 from the button. No playing back from Obrestad this time as she let is go as did Obst.

4.30pm: “Allin” Gomes all out
Alexandre Gomes just checked in to tell us he’s checked out. “Queens versus aces,” he said. Not his day.

4:24pm–Recent eliminations
Our spies have recently spotted two people walking out of the tournament area with that look that says, “It’s over this fast?”

Felipe Ramos and Ben Grundy are both on the rail and will have to come back to fight another day.

4.15pm: Chufty done
Richard Ashby has departed from that table described below. It was a flush draw versus Obst’s set, and the Australian is now the probable chip leader as Chufty looks for the cash games.

4:10pm–Table of Death? That’s too weak a description
Gus Hansen has arrived and he’s found himself quite a table. He joins James “Andy McLEOD” Obst, Lawrence “rivermanl” Houghton, Richard “CHUFTY” Ashby, Jeff Lissandro and Annette “annette_15” Obrestad to create one of the toughest ever tables on the EPT.

_MG_4029_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Jeff Lissandro, mayor of the table of death

4:07pm–Okay, you don’t ALWAYS hve to fold

As a follow-up to our latest Chad Brown missive in which we encouraged you to fold whenever he has a hand, we’d like to encourage you to not fold the flopped nuts.

We picked up the action on a 7♠8♠9♠ flop in which Brown has check-called a 1,500 bet. On the 7♦ turn, he check-raised the 3,700 bet to 9,100. Alarm! Scary! Still, he got the call.

The 7♣ river changed dynamic of the hand such that both Brown and his opponent dwelled for a few minutes apiece before checking. Turned out Brown had flopped the straight with J♣10♥, but was up against the flopped nut flush, A♠3♠.

4.05pm: JC forced off pot

Neil Channing started off a multi-way limp fest from under-the-gun before the small blind player bumped it up to 1,500. JC Tran called from the big blind as did the other three players in the pot. The flop came J♣10♣3♣ and it was Tran picking up the betting mantle with a 3,500 bet. Three quick folds but the SB called to see the 3♦ turn. Tran bet 5,100 when checked to him this time only to face an all in bet of 15,975. He got a count down but eventually passed to leave himself with 29,000.

And with that the table broke with Neil Channing on to his third table already. He said he was glad to move as didn’t fancy sitting next to JC Tan and I really don’t blame him for having that opinion.


With a limp under the gun, play is folded all the way around to Ben Grundy in the small blind. He tossed out a 400 chip raise and got a call. On the flop of 10♥4♠2♠, Grundy led out 900 and got a call. The Q♣ turn drew a 2,000 Grundy bet and yet another call. The 7♥ river caused Grundy to pause before tapping his hand on the table. His opponent felt obliged to do the same. Grundy had no desire to show his hand. After a second or two he announced, “Ace-high.”


And in go his opponent’s cards into the muck.

“Now I’m playing good,” Grundy said.

3.50pm: Fernadez back to the old tricks

Leo Fernandez, reputation enhanced after a High Roller event final table, just moved all in on a board of 7♣5♠8♦. He had 12,000 before the hand and that was enough to coax folds from his two opponents. Heaven knows what he actually had: Fernandez showed quite emphatically that he will play any two. 3.45pm: A snippet of conversation overheard from Lex “Raszi” Veldhuis’s table. “So, I was playing a WCOOP and I mis-clicked all in with nine-six off.” Who knows how that ended.

3:44pm–Bullet Brown

Listen, let’s just do everybody a favor now and suggest that if you’re in a hand with Chad Brown, just fold.

A few minutes after we last left him, we returned to him betting the river on a 3♦6♦5♦4♠Q♥ board. After getting all folds, he flashed A♦A♥.

Seriously, just fold.

_MG_3819_Neil Stoddart.jpg

3:36pm–The slowest of rolls

The pot, board, and betting in this hand are largely irrelevant. The board was king-high and the five-way limped pot was checked all the way to the river. At the end, Humberto Brenes announced from the small blind, “Queen high,” and showed a red queen. A few seconds ticked by and another player almost grudgingly turned over 4♦4♥. Good for the win.

But then a couple of more seconds ticked by before the final player in the pot, also grudgingly flipped up A♦5♥, a hand that paired with 5♦ on the turn. That, apparently, was the winner.

Humberto’s neighbor said, “You just got slow-rolled.”

3:35pm–Bring on the antes

We now enter the fourth level of play with blinds of 100/200/50.



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