EPT London: Day 1b, level 5 updates

October 03, 2009


Live updates from day 1B, level five of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 150-300 (25 ante)

Not Feld-man
Andrew Feldman was heads-up with an opponent and the turn was out giving us a K♠A♣2♣3♠ board. The small blind check-raised Feldman’s 1,550 bet up to 4,000 but the call was made to take us to the 8♥ river. The SB checked to face an 8,000 bet from Feldman that he called after some thought. Feldman tabled A♥2♥ to take the pot and put him up to 75,000 chips.

5.25pm: High roller low rolled
Matt Glantz is out of the main event. Still, hasn’t been a bad week for the new high roller winner. Davidi Kitai saw him off. Glantz had opened for 800 from early position, called by the player next to him before Kitai raised to 2,900. Glantz moved all-in for another 16,000 which Kitai eventually called, showing K♣A♥ to Glantz’s Q♥Q♠. The board quickly put end to Glantz’s day: 6♠7♠A♣4♣A♠.

5.15pm: Phillips powering up
Team PokerStars Pro Dennis Phillips is continuing his good form this week and is up to 85,000 already. The flop was out reading 6♣J♥5♥ and Phillip’s opponent bet 6,125. He responded by making it 13,500 and then called the all in, although with a little reluctance. Phillip’s 5♣5♠ was in great shape though against his opponent’s Q♥Q♣. The turn came 8♣ and river 3♥ to send the pot Phillip’s way, busting his opponent in the meantime.

As I finished writing this post word has reached us that he’s added another 10,000 to his stack when his ace-queen was good on a queen high flop.

5.05pm: AA for AA
Jason Mercier picks up a 10,000 pot with pocket deuces and another Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari is in action a table along. After Mathew Pirro opened from the cut off, Andre Akkari raised to 3,500 from the button. Pirro called for a flop of J♦10♦Q♦. Both checked. On the 8♠ turn Akkari made it 4,100. After a minute’s pause Pirro moved all-in, another 21,000. Akkari passed, showing A♥A♣.

5pm: A taste of his own medicine
Tom Dwan tours the world having people trying to bluff him out of pots. Just recently, Dwan and Steve Sung were in a hand with a flop of 4♥K♠Q♥. Sung bet what looked like 2,500 and Dwan called, and then the turn came 4♦ and Sung moved all in for his final 8,000. Dwan folded and Sung proudly showed 2♥7♣. Eat that.

4.50pm: Level five
After the second break of the day, players have returned for level five. There are still a lot of them left — 426 according to the board — which is far more than appear on our selected chip counts page, but this is a distinctly imprecise science.

So click through to take a look at that, then marvel at Boris Becker in some aviators.


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Boris Becker in some aviators


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