EPT London: Day 1b, Level 6

October 03, 2009


Live updates from day 1B, level six of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 200-400 (25 ante)

6.50pm: “This is poker ladies and gentlemen”
The title of this post is what Huck Seed said for all to hear after Lex Veldhuis’s raise was called all in on a 10♠3♦9♠ flop by his opponent. There was a raise, three-bet, four-bet to 9,000 and a call from Veldhuis pre-flop. Veldhuis then put his opponent all in after he had bet 12,000. The call was a long time in coming but it came with the surprise holding of 10♥7♠ which was behind to the Dutchman’s K♦10♣. The board ran out blank and Veldhuis scooped in the pot as the table chattered about their surprise and the two player’s holdings.

Players are now on a 75 minute dinner break.

6.40pm: In on the flop
Christer Johansson now sits with more than 55,000, seeing off Gary Fisher. The money went in on a flop of A♣10♥6♥. Fisher turned over A♥K♥ to Johansson’s A♠10♠. Johansson stayed ahead on the 10♣ and the Q♥ on the river made Fisher an irrelevant flush.

6:30pm–Sonny is sorry, sorta

It took Sonny Pomroy three hands to stack his chips. In the meantime, he played another hand and won more chips, which took him another two hands to stack. And even after he was done with that, his chip stacks remembled something out of Escher. The most of those chips came when he turned over 10♦J♦ on a 8♦Q♥A♣9♥Q♦. The only word he had for his opponent: “Sorry.”

Because of mess of chips, it was a bit difficult to get a decent count. However, with our long experience in the respected world of chip counting, we’re going to put him on 140,000.

6.30pm: The boy George

With a board of 10♦A♣3♣2♣ Sammy George was in full swing. That swing can be quite something and anyone tangling in a pot with him better watch their fingers. Sergio Castelluccio just tried. He lost the hand but managed to keep his arms and that’s sometimes enough. Castelluccio had asked for a count of George’s stack before calling his 4,000 bet. They both checked the 5♥ river. It was showdown time. Pocket nines for Castelluccio, A♥8♠. Castelluccio tapped the table but was visibly irritated, pointing out George’s out of position play.

“Do I look like a guy who cares about position?” said George. It was a good point. He doesn’t look like that man. Castelluccio kept it together well and a table change a few minutes later came at the right time.

6.25pm: Nines against the N-niner
James Akenhead and Greg Dyer just did battle but I only picked up on the action at the river stage where Akenhead bet 18,500. The board read 3♥2♦K♥4♦A♥ and Dyer made the call. “I was bluffing” said Akenhead hoping not to have to show his hand. Dyer obliged by turning over 9♥9♠ and Akenhead’s cards went quickly in to the muck. Akenhead down to 58,000 and Dyer is up to 95,000.

6:11pm– Done durrrr Done

In the exact middle of this room sat a board of 6♥9♥J♦9♠6♦. On one side of it sat Tom “durrrr” Dwan. On the other sat Jerry van Strydonck. Between them sat the pot and Dwan’s remaining stack, 23,725 chips.

Dwan said he got to that point by raising to 1,100 and getting three-bet by Van Strydonck. Dwan called, then check-called a 4,500 bet on the flop. Both players checked the turn, and the Dwan open-shoved the river.

And that’s where we came in to see Van Strydonck mulling over what to do. In the meantime, a player came from a broken table and sat down with a bottle of wine and empty glass. By the time he’d found a table on which to place his bottle, Van Strydonck had stuck in his call.

“You got it,” Dwan said and turned up 4♥4♦. Van Strydonck revealed Q♦Q♣.

6.07pm: A for AA

Andre Akkari just took a hit, a minor one anyway. On a board of 8♠3♥7♥10♣K♥ Akkari tried to take it with a 4,200 bet but Michael Sands was up for calling. “Ace high,” said Akkari. Sands showed him J♥J♠

6.02pm: The Wooka way

On a flop of Q♦10♥6♦ Wooka Kim, who took some chips from Antoine Saout earlier, bet out 2,100. ElkY Grospellier called in the cut off while another played stepped aside. But that was it for betting. The 8♣ and 3♣ on the turn and river were checked down. Kim showed 7♣6♣ ElkY showed nothing. He grinned briefly though.

6pm: Dwan watch

Position? What does position matter if your Tom Dwan? It seems the that the only prerequisite he has for opening is if he’s first to act. I just witnessed him raising from under-the-gun plus two, UTG+2 and UTG. The first hand he took down with a c-bet on the flop. The second hand he checked down to the river where he made a bet with third pair that turned out to be good for the pot. The last hand he raised but folded to a hefty re-raise from an opponent.

5:57pm–EPT London break UK poker record
A carrier pigeon has just delivered the final number of entrants for EPT London Season 6, and they are dizzying.

Yesterday we kicked off with 305 runners. Today, 426 entrants sat down to create a 731-player field.

Word on the street is that this field has now become the largest in United Kingdom poker history.

5:53pm–One more level, then dinner!
Players have moved up to 200/400/25 level. After 60 minutes of work, they get a 75-minute dinner break.

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