EPT London: Day 1b, level 9 updates

October 03, 2009


Live updates from day 1B, level nine of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 500-1,000 (100 ante)

Nice last hand for Williams
While all other tables had finished and bagged up for the night there was one table still deeply involved in a hand. David Williams moved all in for his last 21,000 after Harri Suni had raised to 3,000. The big blind flat called this raise before Suni moved all in for 66,200 more. This sent the BB into the tank for at least four minutes before he folded what he said was ace-king. Suni opened 10♣10♥ but was behind to William’s J♣J♠. The board ran out A♣Q♠7♦4♠7♠ to send a very happy Williams up to 66,200.

That brings to an end our play for day 1b. Play will resume at Noon tomorrow and the days wrap will be up shortly for your reading pleasure.

11.18pm: Game, set and match
With that title you’ve probably guessed that Team PokerStars SportStar Boris Becker has been eliminated. He got his last 22,500 in with A♠Q♥ but ran into Lex Veldhuis’ A♥K♣ and the board came 2♥2♦9♥6♦3♦.

Veldhuis is up to 150,000 thanks to a realer heater of a last level.

Interview with PokerStars qualifier Tamas Lendvai, who got to EPT London for just $60!

Watch EPT 6 London Day 1B: Qualifier Tamas Lendvai on PokerStars.tv

11:12pm–Jeff Lisandro takes chip lead

Grab your air sickness bags, because this is about to get tough to read.

The flop between Terrence Chan and Jeff Lisandro was Q-Q-8. Chan held pocket eights for the flopped boat to Lisandro’s K-Q. The king hit on the turn. Lisandro is now north of 245,000, almost certainly good for the chip lead.

Chan, meanwhile, remarked via Twitter, “Honestly wondering if this is worth it any more. The highs don’t match the lows. I’ve made a lot of money in this game, met a lot of awesome people. Maybe it’s time to ride off into the sunset.”

_MG_4026_Neil Stoddart.jpg

10:57pm: Lex doubles

It was folded around to a player on the button who raised to 3,000 and found Lex Veldhuis and Philippe Dauteuil call from the blinds before a 3♠6♥2♠ flop came down. Both blinds checked to the button who continued his aggression with 5,000 bet that Veldhuis flat called before Dauteuil moved all in. The button folded but Veldhuis called all in with 6♦3♦ and was up against 8♦8♠. The turn and river blanked and Veldhuis is up to 83,000 whereas Dauteuil is crippled.

10:47pm–Peter Hedlund cripples Dabul

Neither player was particularly well-stacked, but they got it in pre-flop.

Hedlund: J♠J♦
Veronica Dabul: A♠K♠

The board blanked out, Dabul was left with less than 10,000, and Hedlund kissed the dealer’s hand…the male dealer’s hand.

10:46pm–ElkY’s sighs, fading into the distance

We’ve reported earlier on ElkY’s dissatisfaction with his stack and his constant exasperated sighs after counting his chips. We can now report that he no long has chips to count. He shoved his final 12,000 in the middle with pocket threes and right into pocket aces.

10:37pm–Terrence vs. Jeffrey

We give you this report, straight from the Mouth of Chan (or more appropriately, the fingers).

Here are two rounds from Terrence Chan’s Twitter account.

Round 1: 56k at dinner, then lost a 44k flip to lisandro on the first hand back.

Round 2: Rescued that level after all, 70k. Had to call a big double barrel from lisandro for it.

10.30pm: Vicky’s got a book out

She has, you know:

Watch EPT 6 London Day1B: Has Vicky Coren got a book out? on PokerStars.tv

10.25pm: Last level
They are now entering the last level of play and the two chip leaders are probably Jussi Nevanlinna and Sonny Pomroy, both of whom have 150,000+.

Pomroy has an interesting railbird watching his progress in London, a man who takes us back all the way to season two of the EPT. It was in Dublin where another young Brit named David “Pommo” Pomroy went all the way to third place. Yep, he’s the older brother of Sonny, who is currently destroying this field.



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