EPT London: Day 2, level 10 updates

October 04, 2009


Live updates from day 2, level 10 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 600-1,200 (100 ante)

1.30pm: Take a break
Players are on a break. Fifteen minutes.

1.25pm: Taking it on the Chinni
Tommy Vedes just took a little more of Freddy Deeb’s stack, betting into a 7♣9♣2♣ flop. Deeb passed, glared at Vedes before allowing himself a brief grin. On the next hand Vedes was involved again, this time raising to 3,900 from under the gun. It was folded back around to Jesse Chinni in the big blind who moved all-in, another 33,700 for Vedes to call. Vedes went through the motions, counting out the call several times. Will he? Won’t he? “Do you want a call?” he asked Chinni, got no response and folded two black nines face up.

1:22pm–[Expletive deleted]

Overheard at a table from an exceptionally pretty and innocent looking young dealer: The word you don’t call an American baseball umpire. (If you don’t know the word I’m talking about, check out “Bull Durham” and wait to see what Kevin Costner has to say to get booted from a game).

Apparently this word sounds a lot like the Finnish word for the number 200.

Out of the mouths of babes…

1:20pm–Playing nice

It probably had something to do with the three hearts on the jack-high board, but French Team PokerStars Pro Marion Nedellec just got away with checks on the turn and river with her A♠J♣. And good thing, too, as she was up against a set of deuces.

1.20pm: This Kitai is grounded

A roar came out from a player at a table behind me and I turned around to see Davidi Kitai walking abruptly away from his table with his hands grabbing hold of his shoulder length hair. Something inside of me told me that this was a sign of an unhappy man. He was indeed unhappy and I can understand why. He got the last of his chips in on a ten high flop with pockets aces versus an opponent with pocket jacks. All clear on the turn but a nasty looking jack fell on the river to end it for Kitai.

1:11pm–Frustrated Fernandez

By the time we walked up, it was clear Argentina’s Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez had raised pre-flop and gotten a call from German PokerStars qualifier Mieczyslaw Basara. On a board of 9♦5♠9♠, Fernandez bet 4,700 and got a call. The J♥ turn drew a slightly delayed 9,200 bet from the Argentinian and a quick a call from Basara. Then came the 10♠ on the river and Fernandez tanked. It was his turn, but he took his own sweet time–more than three minutes–before checking. Basara again barely thought before moving all-in. This time Fernandez acted quickly. He mucked. And muttered. And muttered some more.

1.05pm: Boeken busted

Noah Boeken’s tournament just ended. He shoved all-in on the cut off for his last 16,400. John Juanda was on the button, thought about it and made the call showing A♣9♣ to Boeken’s A♥6♣. On a flop of 7♣A♠K♦ Boeken tapped the table and stood up. A 2♠ turn and Q♠ river – Boeken was gone.

12.59pm: The un-climbable Obst-acle
James Obst raised from the small blind and Michel Abecassis called from the big blind before all the chips went in on the 2♣9♥5♥ flop. Obst tabled A♠K♠ to the Frenchman’s Q♥10♥. The board ran out A♣J♣ to eliminate Abecassis and put Obst up to 190,000.

12.50pm: Liu smashes Thorson
William Thorson’s short stack has just been added in its entirety to Eric Liu’s bigger effort in a fairly standard coup. Liu raised to 3,000 from the cut off, Thorson moved all in from the big blind and it was A-J for Liu against A-5 for Thorson. The Swede picked up a straight draw, but it missed and he is gone.

12.40pm: Deeb nearly done?
Freddy Deeb had opened for 4,000 in the cut off before Tommy Vedes re-raised from the small blind making it 12,600. Deeb called and got a flop of 10♣5♦7♠. Vedes bet another 4,000, then Deeb announced “all-in.” He was called immediately; Vedes turning over 10♥10♠ to Deeb’s A♠7♣. A 6♠ on the turn, 5♥ on the river. Vedes doubled up to nearly 85,000. Deeb now in trouble with less than 20K.

12.35pm: Man down
A dejected looking Team PokerStars Pro Dennis Phillips was wandering out of the room so an esteemed colleague of mine stopped him to find out if he was indeed out. The answer was what we feared and he went on to explain that he lost all his chips over the course of two hands.

He lost a bust with pocket fives after having to lay down to a re-raise. Then he got the rest of his chips in with A♥K♥ but ran into an opponent’s pocket kings. “At least I got it in with a quality hand” added Phillips before he slipped out the exit.

12.25pm: Double-up for that player
Jeremy Ausmus raised to 3,100 from early position before Marty Smyth moved all in for 19,200 from the button. The action wasn’t finished there though as Anh Nguyen moved all in for around 35,000 from the small blind which was enough to make Ausmus fold after some deliberation. Smyth was in the best shape he could’ve hoped for with 2♦2♣ to Nguyen’s A♠K♣ and he liked his position even more after the board came 7♠Q♥7♦10♠8♦. Smyth on about 44,000 now.

12.15pm: Double-up for this player
Sunghee Yun raised from early position before a short-stacked Carlos Mortensen moved all in from the big blind. Yun called with K♠Q♦ but was dominated by the Spaniard’s A♠K♦ and the board came 5-6-4-J-7 to double Mortensen up to 45,000.

12.05pm: Play. Come on, play
Day two of EPT London is under way. The tournament director Thomas Kremser made our day by announcing that today’s schedule is for six 75-minute levels and NO dinner break. That means we’ll be getting out of here, err, some time later. Enjoy the coverage from hereon in.

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