EPT London: Day 3, level 16 & 17 updates (blinds 2,500-5,000, ante 500)

October 03, 2011


6.18pm: Wrap to come
A full wrap of the day’s play and full chip counts are set to hit the internet shortly. James Mitchell looks to be the chip leader with around 1,070,000. There are, if the screen is to be believed, 62 players left. — RD

6.18pm: Play ends
Bagging taking place now.

6.03pm: Five more hands
The clock has been paused and it has been announced that five more hands will be played. — RD

5.52pm: Mitchell over a million
James Mitchell has bust the million mark after flopping middle set against Nikolas Liakos who held pocket kings on a 10♠9♠4♥ flop. That pot pushed a large stack of chips in Mitchell’s direction. Other growing stacks include Martins Adeniya (650,000) and Sam Macdonald (800,000). — RD

5.47pm: Blom bashed down
Daniel Rowlands four-bet jammed over Sebastian Blom’s 30,500 three-bet for around 120,000. Blom, brother of Viktor, passed. — RD

5.38pm: Smiling Marquez doubles back into contention
Ana Marquez shoved her last 49,000 in under-the-gun and almost got it through, only getting looked by Hugo Loureiro in the small blind.

Marquez: 5♣5♠
Loureiro: K♥J♥

A great sweaty flop for Marquez with 10♣J♣7♠ which picked up a gutshot split with the 9♠. the K♣ brought the flush as Marquez moved up over 105,000. — RD

5.35pm: Ruthenberg out-kicked, out
Sebastian Ruthenberg was all-in for 100,000 with A-J but was up against Stephen O’Dwyer’s A-Q. Not a whiff of a suck out on the board and the German Team PokerStars Pro was on his way to the cash desk. — SY

5.24pm: Romanello loses a chunk
Roberto Romanello has just lost a large chunk of his stack after running A♠K♦ into the A♥A♦ of Ramon Demon Cserei.

“I’m still in this,” said Romanello as they waited for the TV cameras to arrive on the scene.

The Welshman caught a king but no suckout ensued. Romanello down to 120,000, Cserei up to 340,000. — RD

5.18pm: Doyle’s debut ride over
He came for the first time, he saw, and he so nearly conquered. Doyle Brunson has been eliminated from the feature table.

He three-bet all-in with A♥3♠ and was called by Marco Leonzio with A♦Q♦. The board ran J♦Q♣2♣7♣K♠. Brunson was all smiles and hand shakes as he left the TV set. — MC

5.12pm: Brits busting
Toby Lewis and Phil Shaw were both spotted at the payout desk waiting for their monies. Shaw wasn’t in the mood to talk but Lewis briefly filled us in on his exit.

His stack had dropped back down to 69,000 after he ran a flush into a straight flush. He got those 69,000 in with queen-jack but failed to beat an opponent’s pocket sevens. — MC

5.03pm: Internet issues
There have been ongoing internet issues here and the technician is going to try the ol’ on-off shortly. Radio silence may ensure. You have been warned. Basile Yaiche appears to be the leader with 770,000. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500-5,000, ante 500.

4.40pm: Mitchell showing his class
James Mitchell is on more than 600,000 chips after calling a big river shove with ace-high and was right.

He was heads-up with Christopher McClung and the two saw a 9♠8♦4♥ flop. McClung check-called a 35,000 bet here and a 65,000 bet on the 9♣ turn. The river came 8♥ and McClung decided to become the aggressor with a shove for 260,000. Mitchell had 215,000 left and made the call all-in with A♦Q♣. It was a great call too as McClung could only muster a counterfeited pair of sixes.

Mitchell is happily heading off on a 20-minute break with the rest of the field. — MC

4.35pm: Suits you, sir
Certain members of Team PokerStars Blog have brushed up rather well today. Two of us are suited and booted, putting the other two to shame. I’m not going to name names as that would embarrass Dacey and Convey.

So Bartley and Young are rather pleased to see a suited British gentleman taking the chip lead. Benjamin Jenkins, wearing smart grey suit and crisp white shirt, has soared to more than 700,000 after winning a monster pot against Paul Vas Nunes. There was already 100,000 in the middle and a flop of 10♠2♣9♥ when the money went in.

Jenkins: Q♦Q♣
Nunes: 7♣7♦

Jenkins had 309,300 behind, and Nunes had to ship that amount over when the turn came 4♣ and river 5♠. Nunes is now down to 130,000. — SY

4.25pm: Devastating Demjan
Sandor Demjan is up to 600,000 after flopping a straight against Anatoly Gurtovoy and getting paid, much to the Russian’s annoyance. Demjan’s mighty 4♣5♠ cleaved Gurtovoy’s stack down to 100,000. — RD

4.20pm: Burland out
Jamie Burland saw a nice spot to squeeze all-in and took it. Unfortunately for him Paul Vas Nunes seemed to read it as such and picked it off to knock out the UKIPT champ, his second EPT London cash finish on the bounce.

Team PokerStars Pro Salavtore Bonavena had opened the action from the hijack for 10,500 and Vas Nunes had made the call in the cut-off, as had the button, before Burland jammed for 100,700 from the small blind. Bonavena passed but Vas Nunes made the call.

Burland: J♠Q♥
Vas Nunes: K♦Q♣

The board ran out A♣A♦4♦10♣7♦ to send Burland to the rail. Fellow Brit Keith Hawkins was also spotted heading to the cash desk. Marc Convey is catching up with the early knockouts now so they should get posted up shortly. — RD

ept london_day 3_jamie burland.jpg

Jamie Burland

ept london_day 3_keith hawkins.jpg

Keith Hawkins

4.10pm: Lewis on the march
EPT Vilamoura champion Toby Lewis crept into the money and then said. “Time to spin it up”.

He’s being true to his word, so far, after he eliminated the shorter stacked Juergen Reicht. The Austrian moved all-in for around 70,000 from the cut-off and Lewis re-shoved for about 80,000 from the small blind.

Lewis: Q♣Q♥
Reicht: 5♥5♣

The board ran Q♥K♦K♥4♦8♠ to make Lewis a full house. — MC

4.05pm: One out one in
An elimination and a double-up. Jeff Sarwer filling the former role.

When Andre Klebanov opened for 8,600 Sarwer showved for 69,500 which Klebanov went on to call, turning over 9♣9♦ against Sarwer’s K♦A♠.

Always smiling, Sarwer watched as the board came J♥7♠3♦2♥9♥. After handshakes, Sarwer was on his way to the rail.

Meanwhile Remco De Vries was all in. So far today De Vries has spent most of his time reading, deep in the pages of a George R.R. Martin fantasy novel. But he emerged long enough to push his 68,000 into the middle from the small blind, behind a bet from Andries Swart who then called, turning over 10♠10♣. De Vries had A♣K♦.

The board came 4♥K♥J♣K♠8♥ to keep De Vries alive. – SB

3.55pm: Sorry about that Toby
Apologies for Toby Lewis who earlier on was excluded from our list of former winners. Lewis is still in the main event, which would have taken the total to eight. – SB

3.50pm: Shelly upping the pressure
Scott Shelley is up to 300,000 after four-betting a squeeze from Markus Garberg. Shelley had opened under-the-gun for 8,700 and had been called by Ramon Demon Cserei in the cut-off before the small blind, Garberg, three-bet to 21,900. Shelley came over the top for 52,100 and took the pot down. — RD

3.40pm: The double ups begin
Anatoly Gurtovoy just doubled up to around 70,000, moving in and getting a call from Geert-Jan Potijk, who turned over A♦Q♣. Gurtovoy had K♦K♠ which became a set on the 10♥K♣9♣A♣8♠ board. – SB

3.25pm: The bubble bursts… quickly
Sometimes the bubble period can go on for what seems like an eternity; no on wants to be the last player to be eliminated before the money kicks in. Today, though, things went lightening fast – so fast we almost missed it.

We were two spots off the money, and two players went out in quick succession to ease us into the cash. First Tom Alner bust, then Steven Warburton bit the dust when he shoved his A♦K♦ right into Kyle Cheong’s pocket aces. The flop ran 4♠2♦9♦ — prompting a raised eyebrow or two — but the turn was 2♠ and river 9♥, meaning Warburton left empty-handed and all remaining players cashed for at least £7,500. — SY

ept london_day 3_the bubble.jpg

The bubble bursts in London

3.20pm: Houghton busts Mizzi
Is this the tournament that Laurence Houghton finally busts it up on the live stage? Houghton, a major talent online, has a string of cashes live but they only total $219,060, but here in London he now has a large 400,000 stack after knocking out Sorel Mizzi.

Canadian Mizzi had opened for 8,500 and Houghton three-bet to 22,400 out of the small blind. Mizzi looked at his stack (it was around 140,000) and announced that he was all-in. Houghton instantly slid a stack of yellow 5,000 chips forward to make the call.

Houghton: K♠K♦
Mizzi: J♠J♣

The board ran out low, 5♦5♠2♦A♣Q♦, and Mizzi left the table. We have 106 players left, 104 get paid. — RD

ept london_day 3_laurence houghton.jpg

Laurence Houghton

3.15pm: No Dolly dilly-dally
As mentioned below, Doyle Brunson is still going well. Just before the break he showed he was in no mood to sit waiting patiently. When Benny Spindler made it 20,000, Texas Dolly moved all-in for 94,300. Spindler gave it a lot of thought, but reasoned Brunson would not make a move on him at this stage without the goods. — SY

3.10pm: Brunson still battling at his inaugural EPT
Doyle Brunson is looking good to make the money here at EPT London, his debut appearance on the tour. Brunson is holding steady on 115,000, close to 30 big blinds. Texas Dolly is currently on the TV feature table and, thanks to a monitor and a live feed, we should be able to track any major hands with the poker legend.

We have 107 players left at last count so that’s just three more players to bust before the money. Let’s play on. — RD

ept london_day 3_doyle brunson.jpg

Poker legend Doyle Brunson

PokerStars Blog reporting team in London (in order of lines on shirt): Rick Dacey (lots, cross-hatched), Simon Young (plenty, red and blue vertical stripes), Stephen Bartley (none, light pink shirt) and Marc Convey (none, t-shirt letting the side down). Photos by Neil Stoddart and Mickey May.


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