EPT London High Roller: Level 22&23 updates

October 02, 2009


Live updates from day three, level 22 & 23 of the EPT London High Roller event brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 30,000-60,000

8pm: The final hand
Here’s how it finally played out: Matt Glantz made a standard pre-flop raise and Erik Cajelais shoved all in. Glantz pretty much called straight away and was ahead with his A♦2♣ against Cajelais’ Q♠J♠. The flop, however, seemed to be taking us on a familiar journey of inferior hand taking it down when it came queen high: 5♦Q♥9♥. However, the A♥ came on the turn and that was emphatic. Glantz went back into the lead where he stayed.

A full wrap is on its way. Here’s the full results in the meantime:

1 – Matt Glantz, USA, £542,000

2 – Erik Cajelais, Canada, £326,000
3 – Eugene Katchalov, USA, £193,000
4 – Adolfo Vaeza, Uruguay, £141,000
5 – Leo Fernandez, Argentina, Team PokerStars Pro, £104,000
6 – Ilari Sahamies, Finland, £74,000
7 – Dennis Phillips, USA, Team PokerStars Pro, £60,000
8 – Shane Reihill, Ireland, £45,000

7.55pm: The end!
Erik Cajelais, Canada, out in second winning £326,000

Matt Glantz, USA champion of £20,000 High Roller event!

7.45pm: Oh my oh my oh my

The players have returned from dinner and they were straight into a monster pot that has taken Matt Glantz back into the chip lead. They got it all in on a flop of A♣A♠3♣ and it was no surprise: Glantz had J♣8♣ and Cajelais had A♦7♥. It was trips versus flush draw in other words and although the turn was a blank, the river was 5♣ which filled the flush. Glantz now has 2,540,000, which is double his opponent’s.

We’re in level 23 now by the way.

6.31pm: Dinner back on
And now, following that double up, plans for dinner have been reinstated. They’re going to pause for 75 minutes, as will we. See you the other side.

6.30pm: Double up for Cajelais
Erik Cajelais is right back in this now after they got it all in pre-flop and his better hand stands up. Cajelais has A♣Q♠ and Glantz has A♦8♥. There are no surprises and so the chip position swaps.

Cajelais has 2,645,000 and Glantz has 1,129,000.

6.25pm: Nine high good
Matt Glantz raises to 125,000 pre-flop and Erik Cajelais defends his big blind. Then they check all the way on a board of 6♠J♣10♥2♥Q♠ and Cajelais’ 7-9 wins.

Counts are Cajelais 1,471,000, Glantz 2,300,000.

6.20pm: Check, bet, raise fold
That was the action on a flop of 4♥10♦2♥; Glantz bet 160,000; Cajelais raised and it was all over.

6.18pm: Small ball
Matt Glantz makes up the blind, then they check it all the way on this board: 7♦Q♥7♠K♣K♦. Only on that river does Glantz fire 140,000 and that’s good.

6.12pm: Heads up
Plans for the dinner break have been shelved. And there’s no way I’m going to create a new post whether or not this level ends. Stick here until the close of play.

6.10pm: Glantz takes first one
It’s worth about 350,000 and he wins it with a bet of 120,000 on a board of 6♦10♦4♥6♠.

Antes have been taken out of the game, by the way, and the blinds are 25,000-50,000.

6.05pm: Heads up chip counts:

Erik Cajelais: 1,126,000
Matt Glantz: 2,645,000

6pm: Katchalov departs
Eugene Katchalov, USA, out in third earning £193,000
…Glantz calls! Katchalov has A♣3♦ and Glantz has Q♠J♥. The flop seems to favour Katchalov: A♦A♠10♠ but the turn is horrific: K♥. Katchalov can re-draw with another ace, king or ten. But it doesn’t come this time and Katchalov is straightened right out of here.

5.55pm: Katchalov shoving
Eugene Katchalov moves all in from the button and gets his two opponents to fold. Then Matt Glantz makes a pre-flop raise and Katchalov shoves again. Glantz winces as if someone has squeezed lemon juice in his eye and…

5.50pm: Katchalov doubles
Eugene Katchalov finally wins an all in, but it’s only for his last 254,000, instead of all those other million-chip pots. He’s all in with Q♠6♦ against Erik Cajelais’ K♦2♥ and he spikes a six on the flop. He’s back past 500,000, but is still third from three.

5.45pm: Big one
“This is obviously the pot of the tournament,” says Chris Moneymaker in the television commentary box as Eugene Katchalov and Matt Glantz get it all in pre-flop. They’re almost even at the start, with about 1,100,000 each, Katchalov just edging Glantz. Katchalov shows A♦K♣ and Glantz has 8♦8♣ and the pocket pair stays good. That’s a double up for Glantz, putting him past two million. Katchalov, who can’t win a race today, is now very short.

5.40pm: Cajelais doubles
Eugene Katchalov raises to 120,000 pre-flop and Erik Cajelais moves all in for 671,000. Katchalov calls and shows J♠K♦ but is in terrible shape after the flop of Q♦5♥4♦ with Cajelais holding A♦2♦. Cajelais doesn’t actually hit his flop but doesn’t need to: the Q♠7♥ on turn and river are blanks and Cajelais is now chip leader, with all three of them at around 1,100,000.

5.35pm: In reverse order
Eric Cajelais: 676,000
Matt Glantz: 1,240,000
Eugene Katchalov: 1,850,000

5.27pm: Glantz doubles and takes chip lead
Eugene Katchalov makes up the blind and Matt Glantz raises all in, about 650,000. He doesn’t look too comfortable, and less so when Katchalov calls. Katchalov shows A♣5♦ and Glantz has K♣9♣, but a nine on the flop is everything Glantz wants and he vaults into the chip lead with more than a million. The three stacks now level out perfectly.

5.21pm: Cajelais takes some from Katchalov
A peculiar hand played out between Erik Cajelais and Eugene Katchalov, ending with the Canadian winning a 550,000 pot. It was unraised pre-flop and the three cards out were 4♥4♦A♦. After Cajelais checked, Katchakov bet 40,000, and Cajelais now raised to 100,000. Call. The turn was 5♦ and Cajelais checked again. Katchalov bet 120,000. Call. They both seemed to check the river — I lost sight of it on the TV monitor — but Cajelaid ended up showing 4-2 for flopped trips and took it down.

5.20pm: Three for it
Three players remain and they’re all looking up at this man. Well, two of them are, because the other one actually is this man, but you get the point. He’s Eugene Katchalov.

th_MG_2252_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Eugene Katchalov


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