We’re now into level 30 where the blinds are 40,000-80,000 with a running 10,000 running ante. Two players remained at the start of the level. Updates will be posted here until we have a champion. Click refresh to update the page. Don’t forget you can also watch the action live on EPT Live and click here for prize winners so far

10.10pm: On the last hand of the level they get to see flop of 8h-Kd-3h and Tureniec bets 120,000. Martin lets it go and the blinds go up.

10pm: The momentum has gently shifted towards Michael Tureniec, even though Michael Martin just has the chip lead. Martin raises pre-flop, another 120,000. Tureniec reraises to 700,000, leaving Martin needing to find another 480,000. He can’t find it and instead opts to fold.

9.55pm: Turneniec takes down another decent pot, about 760,000, when he bets out on a board of J-J-6. Michael Martin folds.

9.50pm: In an unraised pot, they see it all the way to the river and a board showing Kh-10c-2c-9h-8c. Tureniec checks on the end, Martic bets 120,000, and that’s good enough.

9.45pm: Michael Martin raises on the button and Tureniec calls. They see a flop of 10h-Jd-Qs, which they both check and then Tureniec bets 220,000 on the dangerous Kd turn. Martin calls and this is looking very suspicious. The river is the 6s and Tureniec checks. Martin also checks and shows K-9 but Tureniec has trap-checked the ace. Martin does very well not to bet his wrong end of the straight and Tureniec’s cunning plan is foiled. Still, he takes the pot of 800,000 and on we go.

9.35pm: These two have both been relentlessly aggressive on this final table, but it’s all become might cagey in recent minutes. We even see a turn card – it’s the 2h to add to a flop of 4s-Qc-7c – and Martin bets 300,000. Tureniec slides in the call. The river is the 9h and Tureniec checks again (he’s check-called both previous streets) allowing Martin to bet 650,000. He calls and Martin shows Q-2. Tureniec doesn’t show. That’s a million-plus pot going to Martin.

9.20pm: It’s heads-up in London after the elimination of the Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki. Horecki talked to our video bloggers earlier today about the final table experience:

Watch EPT London 08 Final Table: Marcin Horecki on PokerStars.tv

9.15pm: The chip counts have definitely leveled out here with Tureniec sitting with 2,330,000 and Martin with 3,675,000. There’s still some poker to be played here. Martin raises pre-flop and Tureniec makes it another 450,000. Martin folds.

9.10pm: About two hands into the new level, they race for the title. Tureniec is all in with A-J and Michael Martin calls from the big blind with pocket sevens. One ace, two aces on the flop and no seven level this one up and we play on.


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