We’re now into level 31 where the blinds are 60,000-120,000. Two players remained at the start of the level. Updates will be posted here until we have a champion. Click refresh to update the page. Don’t forget you can also watch the action live on EPT Live and click here for prize winners so far

Michael Martin, USA, wins EPT London, earning £1,000,000
Michael Tureniec, PokerStars qualifier from Sweden, is eliminated in second place, earning £525,314

10.50pm: Michael Martin announces all in pre-flop. That, of course, means that Michael Tureniec is covered and he calls! It’s pocket fours for Martin, K-9 for Tureniec and the flop runs out 2d-3s-6h, then 4d! then 2s on the river, which means this is all over!

10.45pm: After some small pre-flop raising, the players check a flop of Jh-10s-6h. Then all hell breaks loose. The prompt is the seemingly-innocuous 3s on the turn but Tureniec likes it and bets 385,000 into a 500,000 pot. Michael Martin calls. On the river – Jd – Tureniec bets 680,000 and Martin calls. Tureniec shows Q-4 for queen high, but Martin’s K-10 – a pair of 10s – rewards the hero call. Martin is now back up to 4.6m in chips against the 1.375m of Tureniec.

10.40pm: The blinds are sky high, but so are the stacks in front of both of these men. And yet this has gone quiet again, with Michael Tureniec dumbfounding EPT Live commentator John Duthie by folding his button heads up. “I have never seen a Swedish player fold his button,” says Duthie.

10.30pm: The players return with their even stacks and this really could go either way. More peerless insights such as that will follow right here.

10.10pm: We’ll start this level in 15 minutes where Michael Tureniec will be the chip leader in what is an exceptionally well-balanced contest. The Swede has 3,140,000; Michael Martin has 2,865,000.


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