EPT London: The nitty and the gritty

October 02, 2005

FLASH: Now down to 16 players at two tables. Tony Bloom, Paul King, John Caldwell, Stewart Brown, and 12 others remain.

The hour again grows a bit late. With the not-quite-dawning of a new day comes this nitty and gritty part of the tournament in which narrative commentary on the day’s events becomes both impossible and ineffectual. We’re down to 20 players and headed toward the magic number of 12. Remaining in the field are recognizable faces like Tony Bloom, Paul King, and the like. And there relative unknowns, as well. I happen to know two of them. Stewart Brown of Scotland and American (not to mention one-time South Carolinian) John Caldwell remain. From here on out, the developments will appear above in the form of a FLASH.

The remaining 12 players in this flight will meet the 12 remaining players from Flight #1. All will be in the money. All will be fighting for one of the eight spots on the final table.

Let’s get to it.

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