EPT Madrid: Day 1A, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 200-400, 50 ante)

May 07, 2011


6.46pm: It’s dinner time
As the level comes to an end Joe Cada is making his way to the door. The eliminator was EPT Deauville champion Lucien Cohen who caught a flush on the river to beat Cada’s aces when the money went in on the turn.

Elsewhere Arnaud Mattern is back down to 30,000 having lost another small pot, ace-king vs queens.

That takes us to the dinner break. Play will resume in 75 minutes, or at 8pm local time to the layperson. – SB

ept madrid_day 1a_joe cada.jpg

Joe Cada sent to the rail by Frenchman Lucien Cohen

6.45pm: Fernandez value bet goes wrong
I arrived on the river of a 5♥5♣J♥7♠Q♥ board to see Leo Fernandez tossing two yellow 5,000 chips across the line. His opponent, Jonnie Sonelin, made the call and Fernandez showed down Q♦10♦. Sonelin showed K♠K♥ to rake in a pot taking him over 70,000. Fernandez down to 12,000. — RD

6.36pm: Ins and outs
More for Rupert Elder who just raised Barry Greenstein out of a pot. Greenstein bet 1,025 from the button before Elder raised to 2,850. That was that.

Elsewhere Tomer Berda, who tangled earlier with Tom Dwan, is out. Meanwhile Alex Gomes continues to expand his fortune, up to 68,000.

Liv Boeree is still above average, although she’s dropped a little to around 52,000. She just lost a pot against Fabrizio Gonzalez, from Uruguay, who went deep in San Remo last week (This week? – Ed).

On a board of A♣7♥8♣4♠K♠ Gonzalez bet 2,100 to force Boeree out and seize a medium sized pot. – SB

6.30pm: Elder doubled through Durrr
The newest member of the EPT winners club, Rupert Elder, has got his tournament back on track after he doubled up to 29,000 through Tom Dwan. Elder explained on Twitter:

“doubled to 29k v durrr axqs v k4dd on k4tsss”. — MC

ept madrid_day 1a_rupert elder.jpg

EPT San Remo winner Rupert Elder

6.25pm: Duhamel determined not to fail
World Champion Jonathan Duhamel is refusing to go quietly. Down to less than 4,000 the Canadian got it in with [a][k] against [8][7] and hit a full house to double up. He’s now up to 8,400. “Wouhou 8.5k now!!! This aint over,’ he twittered. — RD

6.23pm: Swedes on top
The first two players (that we can see) over the magic 100,000 mark are two Swedes who will be very familiar to those that follow the EPT circuit.

David Sonelin went deep at EPT Deauville earlier this season and final tabled in the €10,000 event in San Remo last week. He has 106,000 chips.

Just behind him is Michael Tureniec who won EPT Copenhagen this season and is one of the most feared tournament players in Europe. — MC

6.16pm: More champs
Following the progress of some previous EPT winners, which we’ll be doing again when the Champion of Champions tournament starts, we can see that both Toby Lewis and Lucien Cohen are well above average. Lewis is up to 50,000 and Cohen more so, perhaps 70,000. Both players won their titles this year in Vilamoura and Deauville respectively.

EPT Dormund winner Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald is sat on the right of Cohen and (from what I can see through crossed arms) isn’t far away from his starting stack. — RD

6.05pm: And the winner is…
If you want to know who just won the High Roller event, check out the coverage on the other side of the blog. — SB

6pm: What news do you want first?
The bad news is that Tom Dwan’s table has been broken, splitting up the likes of him, Joe Cada, Max Silver and Casey Kastle. The good news is he’s been moved to a table featuring Jason Mercier, Barry Greenstein and recent EPT San Remo winner Rupert Elder.

Three of those players just tangled, albeit briefly. Mercier opened for 800 from under-the-gun which Dwan called before Elder raised to 2,925 in the big blind. Mercier was next to act and, as his nose twitched, Dwan watched, first Elder then the American. He was ready to fold, as was Mercier. Pot to Elder. – SB


5.50pm: A what of EPT champions?
What do you call a group of EPT winners? A deck of EPT champs? A pack? Whatever the collective noun is there are plenty of EPT winners in this field. A quick scan shows mixed fortunes. On the up are players including Liv Boeree, Ben Wilinofsky and Anton Wigg, all of whom are on more than 50,000. On a downswing are Michael Eiler and Joao Barbosa who are both on less than their original starting stacks. We’ve lost more than 50 players so far today and will go to the dinner break at the end of the next level. — RD

5.44pm: Palovic plays it safe
Dag Palovic liked his hand when he flopped top set with J♠J♣ on a 9♥10♣J♥ flop. The wet flop delivered on the K♥ turn, and that pushed Palovic, who was out of position, onto the back foot against Fabrizio Gonzalez (previously and frequently referenced as Cataldi).

The turn and A♣ river were checked down and Gonzalez was forced to show [4][5]. It doesn’t look like Palovic would have found it very easy to get paid any way he played that. — RD

ept madrid_day 3_dag palovic.jpg

Great flop, bad turn for Dag Palovic

5.36pm: Jorgensen out
A bet of 700 from Anestis Pantazidis on the button which Team PokerStars Pro Theo Jorgensen raised to 2,000 in the big blind. Pantazidis wasn’t done and pulled back his original bet, replacing it with a raise of 5,500. Jorgensen’s response was to move all-in, turning over J♣J♠ when Pantazidis called. For his part he turned over A♥K♥.

The board came 10♠9♦7♦J♦Q♦. Jorgensen was good to the turn but pulled a face on the river which gave Pantazidis the straight. Jorgensen out. – SB

5.24pm: Gomes on the up and up
Alex Gomes is now up to 43,000 having flopped quads against Marvin Rettenmaier. The Brazilian Team PokerStars Pro had opened for 1,000 and was called by Rettenmaier in the cut-off and Ramin Henke on the button. Gomes check-called a 1,125 bet from Rettenmaier on the 8♣3♣8♦ flop before leading 2,250 into the J♣ turn and flatting the German’s raise to 5,125.

Gomes checked the 3♦ river over to Rettenmaier who moved all-in, putting Gomes to the test for his remaining 17,000 or so. Quick call from Gomes with 8♥8♠ for quads over Rettenmaier’s 7♣6♣ flush. Easy game. — RD

ept madrid_day 3_alex gomes.jpg

Gomes turnaround

5.20pm: Dwan baiting Berda
Tom Dwan is up to around 38,000 after tormenting Tomer Berda for several minutes. On a board already showing 5♠9♠8♥2♣, Dwan bet 2,850. There was already a big rail as he did that, Dwan proving a popular draw on his table along the rope line, and when Berda called a few more joined the crowd.

The river came J♦ which again was checked to Dwan. Dwan looked at his chips, picked up his yellow ones (five in total) and bet them all, 25,000, and waited for Berda’s response.

Berda removed his glasses, squinting in the light. It was all-in for him to call and he was about to take five minutes deciding his fate, pulling a variety of faces as more people came to watch from the side lines.

Eventually he passed, leaving the pot to Dwan. The crowd, or some of it, dispersed. – SB

5.10pm: Numbers in
We have 302 players confirmed as playing Day 1A. As per usual we expect more to start Day 1B and sometime around 5pm tomorrow we should have a full payout structure to post up. One thing is guaranteed and that is that the winner here will have more money than they could fit in a large wheelbarrow. — RD

5.05pm: From the tournament floor
Gloria Balding presents the midday update with a little help from Juan Maceiras…

5pm: Gomes all-in
Team PokerStars Pro Alex Gomes was just all-in for his tournament life with A♣Q♣ against the A♠K♦ of Ramin Henke. Gomes had raised from early position and had been three-bet by Henke. After a little more footsie Gomes got his remaining 9,725 in pre-flop and consequently flopped a queen and rivered trips.

While Gomes may be back into the land of the living with 67 big blinds there are plenty of other players in trouble, such as Dutch online pro Johan van Til, aka ‘bustosoon’ who is down to 12,000. — RD

4.50pm: Into level 5
Play restarts in level 5 with blinds of 150-300, with a 25 ante. — SB


Starting well, Liv Boeree

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Madrid (in order of job they’ll be taking over the “summer break”): Stephen Bartley (Tourist, Brighton beach), Rick Dacey (Donkey handler on Brighton beach) and Marc Convey (Donkey on Brighton beach).


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