EPT Madrid: Day 2, level 12 & 13 updates (blinds 1,200-2,400, 200 ante)

May 09, 2011


6.35pm: That’s dinner
That’s the end of the level. Players are now taking a 75 minute break with play due to restart at around 8pm. — SB

6.30pm: Running like Godinez
Gerardo Godinez has built up a hefty 430,000 stack to take into the dinner break. He sits opposite Victor Ramdin, Noah Boeken and Johannes Strassmann.

It was the final two Team PokerStars Pros mentioned, Boeken and Strassmann that got involved in the last hand viewed. Boeken opened to 4,800 under-the-gun and was three-bet by Strassmann to 12,800 from the small blind. Boeken craned his neck backwards to look at the ‘players left’ figure on the clock. It said 142. He passed to leave himself with 60,000. Strassmann up to 140,000. — RD

6.25pm: Albertini knocked back
Stephane Albertini has taken a couple of knocks, sustained from attacks by Johan Verhagen. First Albertini raised for 14,500 from the cut-off which Verhagen raised to 30,000. Albertini had no choice but to pass.

Then, a few hands later, Albertini tired again, making it 5,000 to play which Verhagen called. On the flop of 5♦3♣7♦ Verhagen checked to Albertini who bet another 7,000 which Verhagen raised to 18,500. Albertini wasn’t done and raised to 39,000, prompting Verhagen to announce that he was all-in.

Albertini didn’t immediately call, or immediately fold, but would about a minute later, passing his cards back to the dealer. – SB

6.15pm: Hong on song
Cathy Hong has doubled-up through bobble-hat wearing Erik van den Berg. The Dutchman raised to 5,500 from the hijack and was called by Surinder Sunar on the button before Hong three-bet all-in for 59,300 from the big blind. Van den Berg called but Sunar folded to leave it heads-up.

Hong: Q♣Q♥
Van den Berg: A♣Q♠

The board ran 9♠4♠4♣2♦2♥. Masa Kagawa was sat at the same table and seemed particularly happy at seeing Hong double. — MC

6pm: Forrest out of the woods
A roller coaster couple of hands for American Ted Forrest.

Forrest opened in the hijack for 5,100 before Alvaro Velasco raised to 13,300 on the button. Forrest called for a flop of 4♠A♣2♦ which he then checked. Velasco bet 10,500 which Forrest volleyed back, raising to 22,000 and leaving himself about 85,000 behind. Velasco called for a Q♦ turn card. Forrest bet another 20,000 before Velasco said: “I’m all-in.”

Forrest reacted, moving in his chair a bit, then saying a few words to himself. He looked at his cards again, then at the tournament clock, and then folded, down to 67,000. Velasco meanwhile, moved up to 280,000.

Just a hand later there was an all-in worth 30,000 from the under-the-gun player before Forrest himself moved in. Velasco wanted to know how much it all was but would still pass. Forrest, who turned over A♦10♦ was up against 2♠2♦.

The board ran 5♠5♥10♠6♣3♠ to double Forrest back up to about 150,000. Velasco said he’d folded ace-queen.

“Was that the hand you folded in the last hand?” asked Forrest, who himself had had ace-king. Velasco smiled and refused to answer.

5.51pm: Bord doesn’t mind being dominated
James Bord just got lucky to double-up against McLean Karr after the American made a great call after a lot of pre-flop action.

There was an under-the-gun raise to 2,500 that Bord raised up 5,500 from mid position. Karr was on the button and put in a four-bet to 13,500. The original raiser folded but Bord quickly moved all-in for 73,700.

“I think you’re so light here James,” commented Karr. “I think I’m going to make the right call.”

He did call and tabled A♦10♠. “Did you have to have a ten?” asked Bord as he tabled his dominated 10♦9♦.

The board ran 9♣2♠6♦5♥K♥ to pair Bord’s kicker. Karr dropped to 125,000 chips after the loss.

Allen Bari likes to get involved in anything in his line of sight and mused, “Oh James. James-James-James.”

“I couldn’t help myself”, responded Bord. — MC

5.42pm: Ramdin ramping it up
Victor Ramdin is chipping up well for his second EPT on the bounce. He’s now up to 280,000 and getting increasingly garrulous (Ed – Easy Rick, don’t you mean “chatty”?) at the table. He’s a player that you can tell actually enjoys playing and doesn’t see it purely as a +EV revenue stream… Ahhh, Stephen Bartley and I must have been opposite sides of the table (see 5.40pm: Ramdin rolling) — RD

5.41pm: Talking of Victor Ramdin…

5.40pm: Ramdin rolling
Victor Ramdin just called the all-in of Manuel Cuberos for 58,000, with J♠J♥. Cuberos showed K♥Q♦ and sat waiting to see his fate dealt before him. The board came 8♦5♠8♥A♦7♣. He departs, Ramdin up a little more. – SB

ept madrid_day 2_victor ramdin.jpg

Victor Ramdin is raking it in

5.35pm: Checky
On a flop of 6♠3♠Q♦ Alex Gomes checked from the small blind. Stephane Albertini to the initiative and bet 6,900 which Gomes then called for a 8♥ turn card. Both checked that, the dealer expressing this by saying “checky.” Then on the 8♣ river he was ‘checkying’ again, Albertini declaring he had an ace, while Gomes turned over 7♥6♥ to win the pot. – SB

5.30pm: Out of the fire…
Lex Veldhius may have been knocked out of the main event here but he’s straight into the SCOOP: “I have 2600 big blinds in the low #SCOOP2011 5$ rebuy. Guess the strategy paid off. Lost about 25 allins in a row and then BOOOM HEADSHOT” — RD

5.25pm: Revived
Contrary to earlier reports Lucien Cohen is not out. Repeat, NOT out. He has 130,000. — SB

5.23pm: Delay in restart
The players are in their seats but the action has yet to restart. We’re assuming it’s problems on the TV side of things. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400, ANTE 200

5pm: End of the level
This marks the halfway point of the day. — RD

4.58pm: The smiling Scotsman
There’s a malicious rumour that people from Scotland are tight. If that’s the case then Dean Lyall and David Vamplew certainly go against the grain, both of whom are loose and aggressive. While Vamplew has crashed and burnt Lyall is still on twice the average with 230,000.

I spoke to Lyall at the hotel lobby bar a couple of nights ago and the young Scotsman seemed dismissively confident about this tournament (is it possible to be dismissively confident? Meet Lyall, it is). I just caught his eye and he gave a thin-lipped smile that seemed to say, ‘Yeah, I’ve got a decent stack, should have more, can’t we just start the final table?’ Don’t be surprised to see this online cash game player make a very deep run here. — RD

4.56pm: Boeree booted out
Liv Boeree has been eliminated from the tournament. She had been nursing a short stack all day and when she found ace-jack in the big blind, she three-bet all-in. The original raiser called with ace-seven and flopped a seven. — MC

ept madrid_day 2_liv boeree.jpg

Liv Boeree is busto

4.52pm: One in, one out
Christer Johansson is out, a simple but tragic case of ace-queen against pocket queens. The EPT veteran heads to the rail. His wife Birgitta is still in. — SB

4.50pm: Weisner winner in another
Another pot to Melanie Weisner, who hovers around the 300,000 mark. Both she and Vasily Fursov checked the flop of 6♦7♥5♠ for a K♦ turn. Fursov checked again leaving it to Weisner to bet 20,900 from the cut off. Fursov agonised but eventually passed, Wiesner teasing him by showing the 6♥. — SB

4.40pm: The bigger they are, the harder they fall
Mattias Bergstrom was the first player to the 300,000 mark earlier in the day but after losing a pot to Shander de Vries, he now only has 40,000 left.

The PokerStars qualifier raised to 4,500 before Bergstrom three-bet to 10,100 from the next seat. De Vries put in a four-bet to 25,000 and called all-in when the Swede set him in for his last 125,000 chips.

De Vries: A♠A♦
Bergstrom: Q♥8♥

The board ran 2♥3♦4♦9♠4♣ and Bergstrom has a lot of re-building to do. — MC

4.30pm: Reynolds misses flush but still gets paid
Will Reynolds just missed a flush in a battle of the blinds but he backed into trips and got a call out Jan Bendik in the big blind. The final board read Q♣A♥5♣3♦3♥ and Reynolds over-bet the pot (9,000) with a 12,000 bet. Bendik called and was shown 6♣3♣ beating the Q♠ he flashed. Reynolds on 147,000 chips. — MC

4.20pm: All the way from Belgium
Pierre Neuville has doubled-up, moving in with J♥J♠ and getting a caller in Tim Ulrich who turned over A♦K♣. The board ran 2♠5♠4♦9♠7♣ to keep the Belgian in the tournament, up now to around 150,000. – SB

4.10pm: Polarised ranges, Vamplew out
While David Vamplew may have just been knocked out with [t][7] to [a][8] at the other end of the scale players such as Surinder Sunar and Ivan Demidow are doing well, both are packing close to 240,000. Sunar just took a chunk out of Kathy Hong check-calling the river of a 4♣J♣4♠2♠9♣ board with queens. — RD

4.05pm: All the good work undone in one hand
EPT London champion came into today with a little more than 20,000 and managed to turn that into a little more than 120,000 by the end of level 11. The Scotsman is back down to 12,000 after losing a big race with ace-king to an opponent’s pocket queens. — MC

3.55pm: Early action from level 12
Reigning EPT Grand Final champion Nicolas Chouity is still in and on 130,000. This is after he raised to 4,800 from under-the-gun before tank-folding to Patryk Slusarek’s 37,400 shove from the next seat along.

Team PokerStars Pro Johannes Strassmann is trying to get his stack moving in the right direction. He just three-bet to 11,000 from the small blind after Xuan Liu raised to 4,200 from the hijack. The Canadian called but folded when the German led for 14,600 on the 9♦Q♠7♥ flop. He’s on 90,000 chips.

Christer Johansson was just all-in for his last 60,000 against Melanie Weisner but both players had ace-king and chopped the pot.

Andy Black was seen outside the tournament talking on his phone. This could mean he’s out as he was short stacked coming back from break. We will confirm one way or the other. [Edit: Black was indeed out] — MC

3.50pm: The midday update
Gloria Balding presents the latest news form the half way stage, with help from Team PokerStars Pro Alex Gomes…

3.45pm: Wilinofsky up and running
EPT Berlin winner Ben Wilinofsky is up to 410,000. After a massive drought of tournament results the Canadian scored his first recorded live cash last month when he beat Max Heinzelmann heads up for €825,000 and the EPT title. He’s currently in the driving seat here in Madrid and will have to do something spectacular not to chalk up his second live ITM finish.

As we know, anything’s possible. — RD

3.40pm: Play restarts
Cards are back in the air for level 12 with blinds at 1,000-2,000 with a 200 ante. — SB


The Mandalay Room at Casino Gran Madrid

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Madrid (in order of most impressive primary school swimming certificate): Marc Convey (100 meters), Stephen Bartley (25 meters) and Rick Dacey (no certificates).


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