EPT Monte Carlo: Action after the break

May 01, 2009


Johannes Strassmann just came out worst in a battle of the blinds built a biggish one with Gijsbertus Spijkers. After some pre-flop betting and a flop of 8♦9♣A♦ Strassmann made it 22,000 which Spijkers called. They both checked the Q♦ on the turn and the river card 2♣. Strassmann had started all this in the small blind but would be the one to pay, Spijkers turning over 9♥7♣.

Spijkers was in action again soon after, calling the all-in of Jason Somerville for 80,000. While Spijkers showed K♣Q♣ Somerville was ahead with A♣6♣ and stayed ahead on a A♥3♠Q♦J♥6♠ board to double up.

Alex Kravchenko’s work hasn’t been easy. Alternating between comfortable and short the Team PokerStars Pro just moved in with K♦7♦ for 98,000 (the blinds right now are 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante) and was called by Walid Bou Habib with A♦9♦. It all looked grim for the stone faced Kravchenko but the lucky 7♣ hit the flop, digging him out of a hole.


Alex Kravchenko earlier this week


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