EPT Monte Carlo: Before the bubble

May 01, 2009


For some the bubble is an excruciating white knuckle ride, a fight to hold on to whatever hope there is of a pay off after three hard days. For others, not so worrying. Like Annette Obrestad, the first player into seven figures who was the cause of so many other’s discomfort, picking up towers of chips by virtue of a fearsome looking re-raise pre-flop, the amount tailored to the opponent – their personal tipping point.

Alongside Obrestad’s table Ilan Rouah moved all-in. In terms of chip stacks it’s the opposite of Obrestad’s, a short ugly looking stump that has needed help for some time. It’s not Rouah first all-in. Two previous ones had seen him jump out of his seat making victory yells. But not this time. Eventually he would be up against Grayson Physioc and his K♠Q♥. Rouah could only manage 9♣6♥. No jumping this time.


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