EPT Monte Carlo: Big stacks and bully boys

May 01, 2009

EPTUnder-the-gun is the new button, at least according to the denizens of table three this evening, where Jason Somerville, Sebastian Ruthenberg and Ami Barer all raised from there within a single orbit, with mixed fortunes.

When Somerville tried it, making it 40,000 to go – slightly more than a min-raise in the 8,000-16,000 level – Barer re-popped from the button to 117,000 and Somerville let it go. When Ruthenberg tried it a hand later, he got it through, and then Barer mixed with the formula a little and raised back to back to 50,000 from mid-position, winning both times.

When Barer made it 50,000 from under-the-gun, however, Somerville now called in late position. The flop came 8♥4♦A♣ and both checked, then they both also checked the 4♥ on the turn. The river was 5♣ and after Barer checked again, Somerville bet 70,000 and took it down.

After the former table of death broke an hour or so ago, this one probably became the toughest. In addition to Ruthenberg and Barer, the table also seats Johannes Strassmann with a million-plus stack, and Steven Silverman. Olivier Douce probably had every right to expect he’d get action, then, when he raised into Silverman and Barer’s blinds, from the button and with a short stack. But both got out the way and Douce resignedly flipped his two red aces, with a Gallic shrug.

On a neighbouring table, a major pot did brew between Dag Martin Mikkelson and Matt Woodward, which ended with one of the tournament chip leaders, Woodward, adding another 400,000 to his stack.


Matt Woodward

With about 400,000 already in the middle and a full board on the table, Mikkelsen was looking at a bet of 225,000 and 3♠A♥6♠10♣3♥. Eventually the Dane called and showed pocket nines; Woodward had turned that ace to put his A♣9♣ into the lead.

Woodward now has about 2,100,000, close on the coattails of Ludovic Lacay’s 2,300,000.


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