EPT Monte Carlo: Black Mamba slithers out

May 01, 2009

EPTSandra Naujoks had a remorseless glint in her eye for much of today, the kind of glint she wore all the way to the EPT title in Dortmund. Sorry to say, it’s been extinguished now.

Naujoks raised from late position to 51,000 and Matt Woodward, who had the button and a two million-odd stack, called on the button. The big blind came along for the ride as well. The flop was K♠8♦4♣ and Naujoks bet 60,000, which Woodward called and the big blind got out of the way.


Sandra Naujoks

The turn was 10♥ and Naujoks now moved in for her last 200,000 or so. Woodward insta-called and had slightly sucked out. He had K-10 for the turned two pair, to beat Naujoks’ K-Q. The Black Mamba slithered out into the night, while Woodward chipped up to about 2,300,000.


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