EPT Monte Carlo: Dario down, Arnaud ascends

April 28, 2009

EPTJust as the clock bleeped for the end of the level, Dario Minieri was involved in a huge pot with Rachid Rami. It looked as though they had found themselves in a raising war on a 10♥6♠2♠ flop, eventually getting around 60,000 in with Minieri turning over 6♣2♦ for bottom two pair, ahead of Rami’s A♠3♠ nut-flush draw.

_MG_2381_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Dario Minieri

As the 7♠ came on the turn, Minieri let out a deep sigh, now needing a six or a deuce to stop the pot slipping away from him. The river provided no such comfort though, it was the K♣ which meant the young Italian was now down to just about his original 30,000 stack.

On another table, the former EPT winner Arnaud Mattern is having more luck and is up to about 94,000 after a hand from an earlier level got him into the higher echelons of the chip counts. He opened from second position with Q♠8♠ to 800 and was reraised to 2,100 by a player he did not know but described as being “strong” and “very good”. Behind him, another player cold-called the three-bet and so Mattern called also, rewarded by a Q♥8♣2♥ flop. It was checked to this player who bet 5,000 and Mattern made it 15,000. The re-raiser folded while the other player now moved all-in, Mattern called and found himself in excellent shape against pocket tens, which failed to improve.


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