EPT Monte Carlo: Day 4, level 27 & 28 updates (40,000-80,000, 5,000 ante)

April 30, 2010


9.40pm: Chips
Here’s how our final table will sit down tomorrow. A full wrap of today’s play will be with you shortly. — SY

Seat 1: Herve Costa, 1,590,000
Seat 2: Roger Hairabedian, 1,130,000
Seat 3: Aleh Plauski, 1,695,000
Seat 4: Dominykas Karmazinas, 2,285,000
Seat 5: Josef Klinger, 1,170,000
Seat 6: Mesbah Guerfi, 3,670,000
Seat 7: Nicolas Chouity, 10,280,000
Seat 8: Andrew Chen, 3,670,000

9.25pm: Fin
That, folks, is that. Just after Thomas Kremser announced an increase in the blinds to 40,000-80,000 with a 5,000 ante, Craig McCorkell looked down at his stack and, at 65,000, it probably looked more paltry than ever.

He moved it in and Andrew Chen isolated with a raise to 250,000. Chen took the small side pot once everyone folded, and the cards were on their backs:

McCorkell: Q♥4♥
Chen: A♥10♠

The board, which has not been kind to McCorkell during these crucial later stages, didn’t decide to start helping him now. It came J♣6♠2♣7♥9♠ and it was over.

craig_mccorkell_monte_carlo_last 16.jpg

Craig McCorkell: Falls one short of the final table

McCorkell joins all the others on the prizewinners page and the other eight – who feature still on the chip count page are going to tomorrow’s final.

A full wrap is on its way.– HS

BLINDS UP, NOW 40,000-80,000, 5,000 ANTE IN LEVEL 28

9.15pm: Not done yet…
…although Craig McCorkell almost is. This one was pretty brutal. Aleh Plauski moved all in for 830,000 and Craig McCorkell moved all in over the top, isolating. McCorkell had Plauski covered by about 80,000, so this was critical for both of them.

Plauski: K♦J♣
McCorkell: A♦Q♦

McCorkell might not have minded the J♦ on the flop because there was also a Q♠ and a 3♣. The turn was also a bloank: 3♦ but the river was the J♦ completing the outdraw and all but booking Plauski’s spot at the final, at the direct expense of McCorkell. — HS

9.05pm: Double up straight away
First hand of the last table and Herve Costa doubles up to 1.6million, getting all in pre-flop with A♥K♠ and finding a call from Craig McCorkell holding A♦Q♠. It was one of those “oooohh” flops, coming Q♣5♠K♦, and the 9♦ turn and J♦ river secured Costa the goods. — SY

9pm: Draw and counts
While we wait to get going again, here is the seat draw and current chip counts. Stand by. — HS

1 – Herve Costa, France, 805,000
2 – Roger Hairabedian, France, 1,260,000
3 – Aleh Plauski, Belarus, 830,000
4 – Dominykas Karmazinas, Lithuania, 2,450,000
5 – Josef Klinger, Austria, 1,200,000
6 – Craig McCorkell, UK, 1,700,000
7 – Mesbah Guerfi, 3,790,000
8 – Nicolas Chouity, Lebanon, 10,130,000
9 – Andrew Chen, Canada, 3,290,000

8.50pm: Matt Perrins out in tenth
We’re down to one table. Not the final table, of course, just the last one. By that we mean we have a table of nine players left. Once we lose one more, then we’ll have our final table of eight set for tomorrow.

How did we get here? Well the young Brit Matt Perrins completed his quick downfall by busting out to runaway chip leader Nicolas Chouity. Chouity had open-raised and Perrins moved all in over the top for 1,270,000 – Chouity called quickly and found his A♦Q♥ was well ahead of Perrins’ A♥8♠.

The board ran J♥3♣10♦7♥7♦ and Perrins was heading for the cage to bag his €100,000.

There will be a short break while the remaining players get seated around the feature table. Chips will be updated shortly. — SY


Matt Perrins: out in tenth

8.40pm: Kling-ing on
Josef Klinger was staring at the exit, but true to his name klung on. He shoved all in from the cut off – it was for about 600,000 give or take – and Aleh Plauski called on the button. Klinger was dominated with J♦K♠ against Plauski’s Q♠K♦.

The dealer had other ideas though. The flop came 10♥J♣4♥ and Plauski couldn’t re-draw on the 5♣K♥ turn and river. We stay 10 handed and it’s Plauski now on fumes on the outer table. — HS

8.35pm: Double up for Guerfi
Matt Perrins and Mesbah Guerfi saw and checked a 7♥3♠2♥ flop. On the A♦ turn Perrins bet 175,000 and Guerfi re-raised to 940,000, effectively committing himself. Perrins moved all in and Guerfi called.

Guerfi: A♠2♠
Perrins: 2♣7♦

Perrins’ flopped two pair had been overtaken on the turn, and he was drawing might thin on the river – only a 7 could help. It was 10♥.
Guerfi went up to 3,785,000 after that – Perrins tumbled to 1,270,000. — SY


Mesbah Guerfi

8.30pm: Herve Maria
The punishment continues, it’s just not clear who’s being punished the most. Herve Costa has doubled up. This has implications for player fatigue as Costa has long since entered a self-preservation mode, being blinding off willingly in a last ditch effort to make the final table. Or maybe ninth.

After twenty minutes of raise and take, Costa moved all-in for 470,000 showing 5♣4♣ to Aleh Plauski’s call with A♣10♥. We were almost down to nine players when a 4♠ hit the flop. The other cards were irrelevant. There were no aces or tens and Costa plays on a little longer. — SB

8.20pm: Kicker plays
Matt Perrins raised from the button and was called by Nicolas Chouity from the big blind. Chouity then check-called Perrins’ 150,000 continuation bet on the 6♦5♠6♥ flop. On the 9♥ turn it was Chouity who bet first, 220,000. Perrins called. Both then slowed down the Q♦ river. Chouity showed A-5, good enough to beat Perrins who had a five with a worse kicker. — SY

8.05pm: Salvatore Bonevena eliminated
And you know what that means? Yet again we will have a virgin EPT winner, as the Italian was the last previous winner of an EPT still in the field. He can count himself unlucky as well. Nicolas Chouity had opened to 140,000 and Bonavena moved all in for 1,420,000. Chouity, after getting a count, made the call:

Bonavena: J♠J♣
Chouity: K♥Q♥

It was a straight race, and Bonavena lost it early with the A♦K♠4♦ flop. He never regained the lead with the A♠ turn and 9♣ river. Bonavena, a popular figure on the circuit, collects €80,000 and we’re down to ten players. — SY


Salvatore Bonavena

8pm: Tank-fold then insta-fold
After a period of tank-folding on the outer table, otherwise known as a slo-mo version of raise and take it poker, Dominykas Karmazinas and Josef Klinger just three- and then four-bet pre-flop. Karmazinas raised to 135,000 from the button and Klinger made it 205,000 more from the big blind. Karmazinas asked for a count, was told that there was about a million more in front of Klinger, and then moved all in. Klinger quickly retreated. — HS

7.55pm: Klingering on
Josef Klinger checked on the flop of 5♦10♦8♣ having called Matt Perrins button raise. Perrins raised and that was the end of that. Klinger took another raise and take pot, then took another. Meanwhile there are all-ins, calls, flops and everything on the TV table. It’s not fair. We play on. — SB.

7.45pm: Huge pot for Chouity, extends lead
This was a big one between the tournament’s two chip daddies. Craig McCorkell called from the small blind then called Nicolas Chouity’s raise to 130,000 from the big blind. McCorkell then check-called Chouity’s 175,000 bet on the 9♠10♠K♣ flop, and did the same on Couity’s 250,000 on the 3♣ turn.

To the 5♣ river, which McCorkell checked again. Chouity bet 340,000 but now McCorkell reached for a re-raise, betting a hefty 1,120,000. “Back door flush,” asked a crestfallen Chouity. But he found the call, and is glad he did. Chen showed J♦9♦ but Chouity had Q♠J♠ for the flopped straight (and straight flush draw).

Chouity up to 7.8million now, McCorkell drops back into the chasing pack with 1.8million. — SY

7.40pm: Klinger loses his stick
Josef Klinger raised from under-the-gun, making it 140,000, and Matt Perrins three-bet to 380,000 from the small blind. Herve Costa seemed very keen to get involved from the big blind, but eventually passed. No such thing from Klinger, who called.

The flop came 6♥3♥3♠ and Klinger checked. Perrins moved in a tower of orange chips, probably about 400,000, and that was enough to get Klinger out the way. — HS

7.30pm: Show and tell
Salvatore Bonavena re-raised all in for more than one million, knocking the initial raiser (and chip leader) Nicolas Chouity out of the pot. Bonavena then, oddly, showed his hand – A♠6♣. — SY

7.30pm: One last push
That’s all it’s got to take to get rid of three more players, and then our final table is set. 11 are retaking their seats and they’ll find blinds have gone up to 30,000-60,000 with a 5,000 ante. That’s expensive, and to put it in to context each small blind is equivalent to everyone’s starting stack on day 1.

Leader at the moment is Nicolas Chouity, a PokerStars qualifier from Lebanon, who has 6,425,000. To see the full list of current chips, go to the chip count page.


Nicolas Chouity

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of academic achievement in French): Stephen Bartley (‘C’ grade GCSE), Simon Young (‘C’ grade O-Level after a retake – much harder than GCSEs), Howard Swains (“I did not do French” – but he did get an ‘A’ in German, and was unusually useful in Berlin as a result).


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