EPT Monte Carlo: Doom? Standard

May 01, 2009

EPTThere are some mighty fearsome tables out there today, seating some mighty fearsome players. Joe Ebanks is sitting next to Michael Watson, three along from Annette Obrestad. That’s ender555, SirWatts, annette_15 for the uninitiated.

And with those on the table, there’s always likely to be action: they both give it and get it, even turning their other table-mates into raising machines. Just recently, Obrestad opened from under-the-gun to 14,000 — blinds are 3,000-6,000, with a 500 ante — and Gijsbertus Spijkers raised to 30,000. Daniel Drescher, lurking in the big blind, seemed keen to get involved in the three-way tussle and bumped it up to 100,000. Obrestad folded. As, reluctantly, did Drescher.

On the next hand Ebanks raised to 13,500 and instantly it was obvious that he’d been doing that an awful lot. Tom Chambers moved all in, two to Ebanks’ left, and they went heads up to a flop after Ebanks called. Chambers had A♦J♣ and Ebanks 8♠9♠. There was a jack on the flop and no spades, which meant Chambers doubled up to about 85,000.


Joe Ebanks, pictured yesterday

Like getting back on a skateboard immediately after a fall, Ebanks raised it up on the very next hand. Again he made it 14,500 and this time David Atrubin was the only caller from the big blind. The flop came 6♠5♣4♠, which both players checked. The turn was 6♦, at which Atrubin fired 19,000, called by Ebanks. The river was 6♥ and after Atrubin checked, Ebanks bet 34,000 and got back all he had lost on the previous pot when Atrubin folded.

Ebanks has around 420,000; Obrestad about 750,000 and Watson about 125,000. There are 107 players remaining with 40 minutes left in level 17.


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