EPT Monte Carlo: Final table, level 31 updates (80,000-160,000, 10,000 ante)

April 30, 2010


9.15pm: We have a winner
Nicolas Chouity wins EPT Grand Final and €1.7m
Josef Klinger out in second, winning €1m

It seemed pre-ordained that Nicolas Chouity would win this event and win it he just did. Chip leader from start to finish Chouity snap-called Josef Klinger’s all-in. He had good reason, showing A♦A♣ to Klinger’s 8♣8♦.

All he had to do was dodge an eight or some freaky draw. The flop came 9♥10♠K♦. So far so good. The 4♠ on the turn left him a card away from victory and the Q♣ river card sealed it. It’s over, and so is season six. Nicolas Chouity is the new EPT Grand Final champion, a full report is on the way. – SB


Nicolas Chouity, seated, and Josef Klinger, on TV

9.05pm: Chouity escapes a Klanger
Josef Klinger wins a pot worth nearly 4 million. Klinger opened for 450,000 which was called for a flop of 10♣J♠A♦. Chouity checked and Klinger bet 600,000. Call by Chouity and a turn card J♥. Both checked for a river card 5♠. Chouity bet 900,000 and Klinger called, turning over ace-queen to beat Chouity’s ace-three. – SB

9.01pm: Chip counts
Nicolas Chouity — 21.5 million
Josef Klinger — 5.1 million

9pm: An all-in and a call
Chouity opened for 350,000 and Klinger called from the big blind. On the flop of 4♦Q♦J♥ Klinger checked to Chouity who bet 425,000. Klinger snap shoved and Chouity snap called. Each had a queen but Klinger out-kicked Chouity’s deuce with an eight. It looked like a double up for Klinger on the A♦ turn but the 4♥ river split the pot and we’re back to where we started. — SB

8.55pm: Into the heads up
There’s a familiar break before the heads up begins. The curtains are opened in the Salles des Etoiles, revealing the Monte Carlo backdrop lit up in all it’s grandeur. We now play to a winner.

8.50pm: Dominykas Karmazinas eliminated in third place
Nicolas Chouity announced all-in from the small blind for 18,700,000. Dominykas Karmazinas looked down at A♦7♠ and called, and looked good when Chouity turned over A♣6♦.


Dominykas Karmazinas out

But there was a last drama for Karmazinas, the first Lithuanian to make an EPT final table. While the flop came 5♣Q♥3♠ the turn came 6♣. The crowd roared as Chouity needed only to dodge a four or a seven on the river. He did. K♣. We’re heads up. — SB

8.45pm: Three-betting
Another three-bet-take pot for Nicolas Chouity against Josef Klinger. — SB

8.42pm: Easy does it
Nicolas Chouity takes a pot against Klinger on a flop of 3♦Q♦9♠. He bet 400,000 behind a Klinger check to take the pot. — SB

8.40pm: We’re back
We’re refreshed, sated, and back for three-handed action in Monte Carlo. — HS

7pm: Herve Costa out in fourth winning €500,000
Fifth time unlucky for Herve Costa. The short-stacked Frenchman came to the final table with a bowl of rice and is leaving with half a million euros. He played five hands all day – the first four included two double ups and two uncontested all in shoves, but when he made his fifth forward motion, he was called by Nicolas Chouity. And this time he was unfortunate.

The hands were as follows:

Costa: A♠9♥
Chouity: K♦Q♥

But the flop was emphatic: K♣K♠6♦. The next two cards out were 6♥3♥ and that was that for Costa. He’s gone and we’re down to three. — HS

6.50pm: Andrew Chen out in fifth winning €400,000
This is the kind of thing we thought might happen. Andrew Chen moved all in pre-flop for close to two million. It got all the way round to Josef Klinger in the big blind, and he woke up with a monster. He called instantly with K♦K♠ and Chen was in big bother with 7♣9♣.

The flop came 10♠J♠J♦ and although that game him a gutshot straight draw, the 5♦ and 9♥ didn’t help.


Chen is out in fifth, rising his FPP qualification all the way to €400,000. Meanwhile Herve Costa, and all the others, are now guaranteed €500,000. — HS

6.48pm: Chouity klangs Klinger
The biggest hand of the day crops up from out of nowhere. On a flop of 4♥K♦6♣ Josef Klinger checked to Nicolas Chouity who bet 700,000. Klinger called for a 3♥ turn card. Klinger checked again and Chouity now made it 1,375,000. Again, Klinger called for a river card 4♦. With 6 million in the pot Klinger checked and Chouity moved all in. Klinger tanked but passed, leaving Chouity with an increased lead with 16,805,000. – SB

6.41pm: Welcome back
On the second hand of the new level, we might have seen the first four bet of the final. It came from Josef Klinger. He opened for 375,000 and then Nicolas Chouity three-bet from his left to 875,000. Klinger was not buying that, though, and four bet to 1,200,000 and Chouity laid it down. — HS

6.40pm: And on we go
Blinds have been raised to 80,000-160,000 in level 31, where we should expect to see a bit of a shake up. It’s been very, very slow up until now, but it simply cannot continue.

The chip leader, Nicolas Chouity, is still way out front, but Josef Klinger now has a stack big enough for him to take the occasional pot shot at the shorties too. He’s certainly been more willing than most to get his chips in, so there could be some action.


Josef Klinger, clinging

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Monte Carlo (In order of best anagram of their name): Stephen Bartley (Penalty Sherbet), Howard Swains (Road Wash Wins).


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