EPT Monte Carlo: From out of nowhere

April 28, 2009


Most players are on their last 15 minute break of the day – two of them though are still slugging out a hand. The unmistakeable hunched figure of Dario Minieri, looking fresh despite his late run at PokerStars’ Ante Up for Arica tournament last night, was in the tank again with a board of 8-2-8-7-9 and a 7,000 raise by his opponent staring him in the face. A full ten minutes of the break were played before Minieri folded.

_MG_5292_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Dario Minieri

When play resumed and the smoke cleared Annette Obrestad emerged through the mist as likely chip leader on around 150,000. You didn’t need to look far to find another contender PokerStars qualifier Darko Babic two seats to the right of Obrestad. Babic has about 130,000.

That might be a little but skewed now. The two of them tangled briefly, the hand not getting any further than the flop, Obrestad taking a few more thousand from Babic on a hand that she saw off on the flop.

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