EPT Monte Carlo: Gritted teeth

April 29, 2009


Vicky Coren just walked passed on her way back to her table, returning from a short cigarette break. A nicotine junkie will typically use any excuse to head outdoors to smoke, but Coren’s reasons might have had something to do with a painful pair of aces.

There had been a lot of action pre-flop. A bet, raise, re-raise all-in situation had Henrik Gwinner with a decision to make for the last of his chips.

“If I were you” said Coren “playing against me in a pot like this I’d have folded a lot quicker.”

_MG_5757_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Vicky Coren

Gwinner opted not to heed the advice. Instead, with a kind of “what the hell” shrug, he lobbed his last 12,500 into the middle, turning over 10♦10♥ to Coren’s A♥A♣. It looked like an almost iron clad opportunity for Coren whose stack before the hand had measured over 70,000. Instead this happened.


To her credit Coren managed a “nice hand” as she dealt with the grim reality of the 60,000 pot. A stolen opportunity taken from her which became a life line for Gwinner, now back from the brink.

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