EPT Monte Carlo: It’s day one, part two

April 26, 2010


The helicopters have landed and crumbs from the €18 croissants have (mostly) been wiped from mouths. It’s time for day 1B of the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo, another flight of fun and fantasy and, inevitably, failure for some.

Yesterday 351 players anted up their ten grand for a stab at this title, and after nine levels only 173 survived. Historically, the day 1B field will be larger – possibly up to 500 – but any of them will do well to match yesterday’s leader. Simon Munz set the bar with a closing stack of 175,200, closely pursued by Chris Bjorin’s 171,100. Read all the details in yesterday’s wrap and then check out the full counts from yesterday on the chip-count page. In short: anything in six figures will be comfortable.


Tournament room, sans roof, in Monte Carlo

The players – and then the early playerz – will be determined through the coming hours. Stick with us to learn the identities of our competitors and then chart their progress through the day.

It’ll be another long and frenetic one. Stand by.



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