EPT Monte Carlo: Level 23 updates

May 02, 2009

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Blinds: 12,000-24,000 (ante: 3,000)

1.30pm: Hairbedian doubles through Woodward
The Moroccan player Roger Hairbedian moved all in pre-flop for about 300,000. Matthew Woodward, who could afford it, called – even though he only had 4♣2♣. Hairbedian had A♦10♥ and the ace high stayed good through a blank board.

1.25pm: Barer rampage
Ami Barer has been by far the most active player on the featured table, three betting pretty much any suspicious position raise and usually taking it down. He pinches small pots from Ludovic Lacay and Marc Naalden as the clock ticks down to the end of the level.

1.20pm: The pocket tens of Rossiter
Vadim Shlez made his move, all-in pre-flop for ahis last couple of hundred thousand with A♥7♥. Christopher Rossiter, on a bit of a comeback after defeat in the hand against Mikkelsen, called with 10♦10♣. The board ran out J♥8♣8♦J♦6♥ sealing Shlez’s fate – the New Yorker now on the rail.

1.10pm: And the winner is
Dag Martin Mikkelsen just emerged from his all-in hand looking sheepish. He shoved with 10♣7♦ pre-flop and was called by Christopher Rossiter who showed 9♠9♥. Bart Spijkers thought about calling but instead folded pocket jacks, something he’d regret and then be grateful for with the board running out 4♦8♥5♦Q♣6♦, the river giving Mikkelsen the straight – cue sheepishness.

1pm: Look what you started Annette
Annette Obrestad has been uncharacteristically quiet so far on the featured table, but just started a raising war that got kind of ugly. She raised pre-flop to mid position to 55,000 and Ami Barer called on the button. Daniel Zink moved all in from the small blind, squeezing. It was 168,000 more for Barer to call after Obrestad got out the way. He eventually declined.

12.55pm: Another double up
Mikhail Tulchinskiy doubles up. With a board reading K♣K♦A♥4♣ the Russian shoved with K♠J♦ and was called by Diaz who showed A♦4♦. A big pot for Tulchinskiy who doubles up.

12.40pm: Diaz doubles up
The French player Gilbert Diaz just hit a miracle river to double up through Johannes Strassmann. They were all in pre-flop with Diaz holding K♦J♦ to Strassmann’s A♠K♠. The flop was 2-3-10 and the ace on the turn seemed to have won it for Strassmann. But the queen rivered to complete the straight for the Frenchman, who celebrated with a hefty high five of his supporters on the rail.

12.30pm: Vilela all-in
Jaime Vilela is the next player all in. He was called in two spots by Gilbert Diaz and Johannes Strassmann who made a side pot. On the 4♥2♣K♦ flop Diaz added another 330,000 to keep out Strassmann and at the showdown turned over A♦5♦. Vilela needed help for his 9♥8♥ but neither the 2♠ on the turn and 7♥ on the river did that.

12.25pm: Double up for Tulchinskiy
One of a strong Russian contingent here, Mikhail Tulchinskiy, has doubled up. He had K♠6♠ and got it all in pre-flop, called by pocket jacks. He flopped 10♠8♠7♦, which gave him a straight and a flush draw, and the 9♠ on the turn gave him both. Tulchinskiy doubled up to close to 500,000.

12.20pm: Back to Disneyland
The first elimination of the day is Miami John Curnuto. The short stack on the day, he moved in with A♠9♠, called by K♣10♦. A king hit the flop and turn. Cernuto had a potential flush by then but the river was no help.

12.15pm: Lights, camera, inaction
Everyone is almost ready. We’ll be off imminently.



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