EPT Monte Carlo: Level 24 updates

May 02, 2009

EPTLive updates from level 24 of EPT Monte Carlo are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table.

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Blinds: 15,000-30,000 (ante: 3,000)

3.05pm: Break time
As the level ends players take a 15 minute break.

3pm: Annette looking dangerous
Obrestad bet 65,000 pre-flop which Woodward called for a 2♠Q♠6♠ flop. Obrestad checked her cards again before betting 83,000. Woodward moved all-in and Obrestad called showing a king high flush with K♠4♠. Woodward called showing Q♣9♣. The turned helped him, a 9♦ giving him outs, but the J♠ on the river wasn’t one of them. Obrestad doubles up.

2.55pm: Roy rumbled
Alain Roy is out, the latest victim of the juggernaut that is the Russian Mikhail Tulchinskiy. After some small pre-flop raising, Roy shoved for 750,000 and Tulchinskiy called, building a pot of close to two million. Tulchinskiy had Q♠Q♦ and Roy had A♣K♦. The board came 6♣J♥10♠ and Roy said: “Bring a queen for my friend,” obviously giving him straight draw outs. But the turn was 8♣ and the river 3♦ and Tulchinskiy turned to his vociferous rail, including Alex Kravchenko, to celebrate what might be the claiming of the chip lead.

2.50pm: Morozov raising
Morozov backs off another pot having raised 70,000 pre-flop. Naalden then raised to 235,000 making it 165K to call. But Morozov backs down.

2.45pm: Annette still here
Annette Obrestad just re-rasied all-in behind a Morozov bet pre-flop. Morozov was having none of it and passed.

2.40pm: A quick look at what’s in store today…

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2.30pm: Lacay and Naalden duel over massive pot
As news comes through that Olivier Douce is the 23rd place finisher, pocket eights vs pocket tens, a big hand develops between Lacay and Naalden on the feature table. Lacay started pre-flop with 75,000 which Naalden re-raised to 235,000 and the action was folded back to the Frenchman who calls for a K♦5♠6♥ flop. Naalden then bet 300,000 which Lacay re-raised to 700,000. Naalden then pushed all-in, getting people on their feet before Lacay passed. A 2.7 million pot costing Lacay an even million.

2.25pm: When is a redraw not a redraw
When it’s what they just did here. They’ve broken a table, moved a few folk around, and have counted the chips. The full official counts will be on the chip count page any minute.

2.15pm: Redraw
With 24 players remaining, we are condensing the field to three tables and there’s a redraw for the seats.

2.10pm: Danzer done
George Danzer got his final chips all in, and Eric Qu, of France took them of him. The details were very scarce, owing to a French-German scrum around the table, and it was the locals celebrating as one of their own, Qu, downed the German ShootingStar.

2.05pm: Lacay up again
Ami Barer’s tournament has ended. He shoved with J♣9♦ but didn’t like the speed with which Lacay called, showing A♥K♥. The board missed everyone. Lacay up to more than 2.3 million.

2.02pm: Lacay up
On a flop of 10♠Q♣A♥ Ludovic Lacay bet 115,000 which Morozov called from the small blind. With a 9♥ on the turn Lacay bet again, making it 280,000 which Morozov eventually folded. Lacay up to 1.5 million.

2pm: Danzer damaged
George Danzer is flirting with elimination having just doubled up Sergio Castelluccio. They got it all in pre-flop and Danzer had K♣10♦. Castelluccio had A♠Q♦ and the flop ran out 6♣2♠J♠Q♥Q♣ which only favoured the Italian. Danzer is down to his last 200,000; Castelluccio is close to a million.

1.55pm: Barer back
Barer moves all in for exactly 350,000. He just lost a big pot to Daniel Zink and is looking for a recovery, but not here. No callers.

1.45pm: Obrestad obre-back
Annette Obrestad got it all in pre-flop with A♣8♦ against Ludovic Lacay’s 9♦9♥. The flop was all spades: 5♠10♠7♠, and the turn was also a spade, but it being A♠ gave Obrestad the lead. The river was Q♥ and Obrestad survives and doubles up to 800,000.

1.40pm: Three way action
A three way pot develops, with Patrick Wymann all-in. Peter Traply is involved, as is Eric Qu. With the board showing 6♦J♣2♠J♠ Qu bet enough to get Traply out of the way, and his 8♥8♣ was good to see off Wymann’s Q♠7♠.

1.30pm: Another level
And so, we’re into level 24. Annette Obrestad celebrates the increase in blinds by pilfering them with an all-in pre-flop shove. “I won a hand today!” she chimes. “Yessssssss.”


Matthew Woodward, chip leader at the start of level 24


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