EPT Monte Carlo: Level 27 updates

May 02, 2009

EPTLive updates from level 27 of EPT Monte Carlo are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table.

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Blinds: 30,000-60,000 (ante: 5,000)

9.15pm: Double Dutch again
Marc Naalden and countryman Peter De Korver play the only significant hand in recent orbits. On a board of 5♦9♣5♣A♣ Naalden bet 200,000, De Korver made it 425,000 and Naalden called. The river card 6♦ was checked by both. De Korver showed A♠7♣ but it was Naalden with 5♠2♠ who took it down.

9.10pm: Silver rush is over
Steven Silverman is out in 12th, beaten by Daniel Zink. It was a cooler at this stage of the tournament with the stacks they’re playing: Silverman raised from late position, Zink shoved all in and Silverman pretty much had to make the call for his million-only stack. Silverman had A♠Q♣ and Zink had A♣K♥ and although he picked up some outs to chop it on the flop of 5♥J♣5♦, they didn’t come and Silverman is out.

8.55pm: Consolidation
Peter Traply reraises Grayson Physioc pre-flop and takes it down to keep his chip lead intact. We had a chat with Traply during day three where he reminded us that he was the tournament chip leader here when the bubble burst last year, but ended up going out in 26th. He’s already surpassed that achievement, and only four more players need to go out before he makes the final table.

8.50pm: Double up for Qu
Eric Qu is staring at the door after his 7-7 are outflopped by Alem Shah, who also has him out-chipped. But then the river gives him a four-flush to keep him back in it with a doubled-up stack.

8.45pm: Busted
Perhaps the most eagerly watched player still in the tournament is no more. Mikhail Tulchinskiy started things with a bet of 150,000 which was called by Obrestad and De Korver. The flop, 7♥Q♠9♠ was checked by De Korver and Tulchinskiy before Obrestad made it 275,000.

De Korver asked to see Obrestad’s chips and shoved in 800,000 of his own. Obrestad called all in and turned over A♥A♠, but knew she was pretty much beaten when De Korver turned over his 9♣9♦. A 4♦ hit the turn while the 9♥ on the river made De Korver chant something Dutch as Obrestad snuck away.

8.40pm: Sloooooow
A lot of the stacks are very even and this has slowed right down. Steven Silverman picks up the blinds once or twice and that’s about it.

8.35pm: Lot of fuss about nothing pt II
Steven Silverman makes it 150,000, Daniel Zink makes it 410,000, Steven Silverman moves all in for his last 1.1m, Zink calls. It seems exciting, but it isn’t. Both players have an unsuited A-J and there is no cruel four-flush.

8.30pm: Lot of fuss about nothing
Grayson Physioc, Matt Woodward and Dag Martin Mikkelsen get to a flop in an unraised pot. It’s 4♥J♣4♣ and and after Physioc and Woodward both check, Mikkelsen bets 225,000. Woodward then moves all in over the top, for another 1,.77m. Mikkelsen “needs a count”, gets it, tanks, then calls. He has Q-J which is also what Woodward has. They chop it.

8.25pm: All in, call!
A slow pace on the second table. Marc Naalden has picked up a few pots but the only one of note involved an all-in by Alem Shah, a total of 1.4 million. De Korver wanted to call and did, turning over A♥K♥ to Shah’s A♠K♣. No hearts anywhere, a split pot.

8.20pm: Physioc still here
Steven Silverman raises to 150,000 from mid position but Grayson Physioc moves all in from the big blind for a total of just more than a million. That’s too rich for Silverman and he folds. Physioc then goes on a bit of a roll. He pinches the blinds on the next hand, and then he re-raises Matt Woodward pre-flop to take that down too.

8.15pm: Silver over Zink
Steven Silverman took a small pot from Daniel Zink, betting on the turn of 3♥ after both had checked the flop of 5♠4♣4♠. Silverman’s 100,000 was good.

8.10pm: Dinner break over
We have returned from the dinner break to find two Main Event tables and about 500 six-max side event players. We’ll be keeping our eyes on the men (and one woman) in the middle. The one below, Peter Traply, is the chip leader.

_MG_8327_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Chip leader Peter Traply


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