EPT Monte Carlo: Level 30 updates

May 03, 2009

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Blinds: 60,000-120,000 (ante: 10,000)

4.25pm: Bluff gone wrong
Matthew Woodward has a stab against Dag Martin Mikkelsen on a board of 2♥2♦4♥Q♣6♠. Mikkelsen calls and shows A-6. Woodward had K-10 and is defeated. That’s the end of the level.

4.20pm: De Korver doubles
The Dutchmen in the bleachers roar as Pieter de Korver chips up to 2,960,000 after doubling through Mikhail Tulchinskiy. Tulchinskiy raises from the button, De Korver shoves, and Tulchinskiy calls. It’s A♥9♥ for De Korver and K♠8♦ for Tulchinskiy. The ace high stays good all the way.

Seems like a good time for a video blog with Pieter de Korver:

Watch EPT Monte Carlo S5: Interview with Pieter De Korver Final Table on PokerStars.tv

4.10pm: “Tight fold”
Dag Martin Mikkelsen raises under the gun and Matt Woodward defends his big blind. The flop comes 4♠5♣7♣ and after Mikkelsen bets 360,000, Woodward moves all in for close to three million. Mikkelsen thinks for a good few minutes before laying it down. “Tight fold,” he says, and we’ve no reason to doubt him.

4.05pm: Tulchinskiy chips up through Mikkelsen
The chip leader has taken a small-ish hit. Dag Martin Mikkelsen raised from the small blind and Mikail Tulchinskiy called from the big. The flop came 10♦10♥Q♥ and after Mikkelsen checked, Tulchinskiy bet 360,000, which Mikkelsen called. They both checked the turn of 3♥ and and the river was 8♠. Mikkelsen bet 1,100,000 and Tulchinkiy called. Mikkelsen had a weak queen — Q-4 — but Tulchinskiy’s J-10 had him well beat.

4pm: Woodward busy
Matt Woodward is by far the busiest player at the moment and has taken a couple of pots with pre-flop raises. Later, he limps from the small blind in Mikkelsen’s big, and they see an ace-high flop. Woodward bets it and Mikkelsen folds.

3.50pm: Woodward and Tulchinskiy go at it
Matt Woodward raises to 280,000 pre-flop from the button and Tulchinskiy calls from the big blind. The flop comes Q♣J♠K♥ and Woodward bets 300,000, which Tulchinskiy calls. The turn is the A♥, which both players check,then the river is K♦ and Woodward fires 650,000, which is good enough to pick up the 900,000-pot.

3.45pm: Tulchinskiy the bully pt II
The Russian, whose stack is still hovering around the seven-million mark, picks up the blinds a couple of times with some pre-flop aggression. Matt Woodward, whose stack is about 2.5m, also tries it, and gets one through.

3.35pm: Tulchinskiy the bully
Matt Woodward makes it 280,000 pre-flop and, after Mikkelsen asks for a count and folds, Tulchinskiy asks for a count and calls. The flop comes Q♥9♦2♣ and Woodward fires out the continuation bet of 300,000. Tulchinskiy asks for a count again, then moves all in for his near seven million stack. Woodward folds.

3.30pm: Dag-ger to Woodward’s heart
The massive-stacked Dag Martin Mikkelson raises pre-flop to 280,000 from under-the-gun, four handed. Matt Woodward calls from the big blind and the flop come 8♠J♠6♠. Woodward check-calls Mikkelsen’s 380,000 and the turn is A♥. Then Woodward check-folds to the Norwegian’s 750,000 bet.

3.25pm: De Korver double up
The short-stacked Dutchman Pieter de Korver doubles up. Mikail Tulchinskiy raises from the small blind and De Korver calls all in from the big. He has an ace — A♦4♠ to be precise — and it’s ahead of Tulchinskiy’s Q♥10♣. He stays in the lead all the way and is up to 2,230,000. Tulchinskiy is still very healthy, with 6,345,000.

Eric Qu, France, out in fifth, earning €470,000
3.15pm: No sooner is Shah shafted that Qu is qu…err… out as well. Again Mikhail Tulchinskiy is the assassin, this time with A♥Q♠ versus Qu’s Q♥K♥. The flop is dry, but the turn gives Qu what he thinks might me the miracle king for the double up. But then Tulchinskiy re-draws with the ace on the river and Qu’s day finishes in fifth.

Alem Shah, Germany, out in sixth, earning €350,000
3.10pm: On the first hand back after the break, Mikhail Tulchinskiy opens from early position and Alem Shah moves all in. He was the short stack and there was something premeditated about the move. Even so, these cards played themselves: Tulchinskiy called and showed A♦K♥ and Shah had A♠10♣. The board ran out 8♣3♣3♦2♣6♠ and Shah is out.

3pm: Still breaktime
The players are still on an inter-level break, so here’s a video to tide you over:

Watch EPT Monte Carlo S5: Introduction into Final Table on PokerStars.tv

2.45pm: New level
Although you can always click over to the chip count page for the latest counts, we’ll save you that one click at the start of this level. The remaining six players have the following:

Dag Martin Mikkelsen – 15,315,000
Mikhail Tulchinskiy – 4,500,000
Matthew Woodward – 4,305,000
Eric Qu – 1,550,000
Alem Shah – 1,380,000
Pieter De Korver – 1,115,000



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