EPT Monte Carlo: Level 31 updates

May 03, 2009

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Blinds: 80,000-160,000 (ante: 20,000)

5.40pm: Dag Martin Mikkelsen from Norway, eliminated in fourth place
Mikkelsen’s fall is complete. After Woodward made it 320,000 and De Korver called, Mikkelsen moved all-in for 340,000. The others called and checked down the board – 10♣4♦9♣Q♦4♣. De Korver showed Q-9, enough to take it all. Mikkelsen out. Three left.

5.37pm: Mikkelsen in free fall
A massive hand which almost sneaks up on everyone. Mikkelsen leads out for 380 which is raised by De Korver to 680,000 which Mikkelsen calls. The flop comes 7♥6♦7♠. De Korver made it 430,000 and Mikkelsen calls. The turn 9♦ and De Korver makes it 1,040,000. Mikkelsen shoves with K-T but De Korver is only happy to call with pocket sixes. Mikkelsen drawing dead and left now with 360,000.

5.28pm: Russian might
Tulchinskiy leads out for 425,000 which Woodward calls. The flop comes 8♣10♣2♠. Woodward checks, Tulchinskiy makes it 750,000 and Woodward folds.

5.22pm: Woodward again
Woodward leads out for 340,000 which Tulchinskiy calls. They see the flop 8♠Q♣6♥. Woodward bets 475,000 which Tulchinskiy re-raises to 1,200,000. Woodward calls and they see a 4♥ turn. Tulchinskiy checks and Woodward moves all in – good for the pot.

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5.17pm: All to play for
De Korver is the new chip lead with Mikkelsen folding to a raise from Woodward on a 3♣3♥9♣ flop. The four players are only seperated by two million.

5.13pm: The De Korver Show
Now officially bullet proof, De Korver doubles up again with A-J against the pocket tens of Mikkelsen, catching an ace and a jack on the flop.

5.08pm: Double up
De Korver moves all-in for 1,850,000. Mikkelsen flat calls and shows A-3 to De Korver’s K-J. De Korver needn’t have worried, the flop landing Q-T-9 for a king high straight. No further cards were needed.

5.05pm: Another one for Woodward
Woodward wins another pot, betting on a flop of 9♠A♥A♣.

5pm: Showdown
Tulchinskiy leads out for 425,000 which Woodward calls for a flop K♣3♥3♠. Noth check for a 6♥ turn. Woodward makes it 475,000 which Tulchinskiy calls. The river is the 10♠. Both check. Woodward turns over ace high to take down the pot.

4.55pm: Re-raising
Mikkelsen raised pre-flop and Tulchinskiy re-raised to 900,000, enough to force Mikkelsen to fold.

4.50pm: De Korver all-in
Mikkelsen opened for 400,000 and De Korver moved all-in, getting called immediately. De Korver was ahead with K♣6♦ over Mikkelsen’s Q♦2♠. The flop brought some drama but not for long, J♥K♠Q♠8♣6♣. De Korver doubles up.

4.46pm: On the turn
On a flop of 5♦A♣9♥ Woodward bets 220,000 and Mikkelsen called. The turn, J♠ is checked by Woodward before Mikkelsen makes it 500,000. Woodward folds.

4.40pm: Pieter de Korver triples up
With a micro-stack, Pieter de Korver gets it in with Q-4. Matt Woodward and Dag Martin Mikkelsen both call, with 9-2 and K-3 respectively, and when the board runs out 6-8-4-3-10 De Korver’s four scoops the 1,120,000 pot. A triple up.

4.32pm: De Korver crushed
De Korver opened for 500,000. Woodward moves all in and is called. Pocket nines 9♥9♠ for De Korver and K♣J♣ for Woodward. The board was kind to him, 7♣6♦A♥Q♦10♦ the river giving him the straight, leaving De Korver with just 365,000.

4.25pm: New level
And the blinds now go up to 80-160 (20). Or 80,000-160,000 (20,000) to be more accurate. Dag Martin Mikkelsen has close to 17 million and is by far the chip leader.



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