EPT Monte Carlo: Level 32 updates

May 03, 2009

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Blinds: 100,000-200,000 (ante: 20,000)

8.36pm: Same story.
After Woodward opened De Korver re-raised to 450,000 which Woodward called. Both checked the A♠9♥9♣ flop for a 8♣ turn. Woodward bet 650,000 and De Korver raised to 2million. Woodward passed.

8.31pm: More for De Korver
De Korver gets more. On a flop of 10♣6♦9♣ both check for a 4♥ turn. Woodward bets 275,000 which De Korver calls. They both check the 9♦ river and De Korver shows K-4 for the pot.

8.25pm: A plan that works
De Korver is getting more and more chips by virtue of the re-raise.

8.19pm: To the river
On a flop of 3♦3♥4♦ De Korver made it 400,000 which was called. On the 5♠ turn De Korver made it 700,000, which was called. With 3 million in the middle and a 10♣ river, De Korver bet a massive 3.6 million, forcing Woodward to fold. De Korver showed a three for a full house.

8.15pm: Bluff?
De Korver is edging closer to the title. With the board already showing A♦2♦7♠4♥ De Korver bet 2,500,000 which Woodward called/ On the 5♣ river De Korver moved all in, forcing to Woodward to pass. Cheers, and smiles form the rail when De Korver mentioned something about a bluff.

8.11pm: To the turn
De Korver limped, Woodward raised and De Korver called for a 8♦4♦5♣ flop. Woodward bet 675,000 and De Korver called for a 9♠ turn. Woodward then bet 1,300,000, good for the pot.

8.08pm: Hand number 128
Taken down by a De Korver re-raise pre-flop.

8.03pm: Still De Korver
De Korver has nearly 17 million after the latest hand. On a flop of 3♠7♣5♠ De Korver checked and Woodward made it 550,000. De Korver called for a 10♥ turn which both checked. On the 2♦ river De Korver bet 900,000. Woodward passed.

7.58pm: De Korver has the big mo
Woodward raised to 400,000. De Korver re-raised and took down the pot.

7.52pm: De Korver takes the lead
De Korver picks up a pot of 2.9million. He had re-raised Woodward pre-flop. With a board of 10♠K♣7♥8♠6♥ De Korver showed K-2 to top Woodward’s A-7, betting on the end and getting the call from Woodward.

7.47pm: Still with Woodward
Another pot to Woodward with A-8. He made trips on the 8♥8♣Q♦ flop against De Korver’s 6-7 straight draw.

7.43pm: More for Woodward
On a flop of J♠10♥J♣ De Korver checked to Woodward who bet 425,000. De Korver re-raised to 850,000 which was called. The turn card Q♥. De Korver checked again and Woodward made it 1.1 million. Good for the pot.

7.39pm: And again
Woodward wins the next, re-raising pre-flop. And the next in the same way.

7.37pm: First hand back
Woodward takes the first pot after the re-start. He opened for 450,000 which was called and then bet again on the flop of J♦5♣J♠. De Korver passed.

7,35pm: Back from the break
Players are back, sitting at each end of the table. Play is about to re-start.

6.25pm: Dinner break
A dinner break was planned for 16 minutes time, so the tournament officials have decided to move it forward before heads up play. They will now take a one-hour break, before returning to the following stacks:

Pieter de Korver – 15,290,000
Matthew Woodward – 12,775,000

We’ll be back as soon as they are. If not sooner. Enjoy the continuing high roller coverage.

Mikhail Tulchinskiy, Russia, out in third, earning €800,000
6.20pm: Matt Woodward raises from the button and Mikhail Tulchinskiy reraises from the small blind, making it 1,200,000. Woodward responds by jamming, and Tulchinskiy calls. The Russian, whose tournament is on the line, has Q♥10♦ and Woodward is ahead with 3♦3♥. The board doesn’t hit any of the overcards and Tulchinskiy departs in third.

6.16pm: A chat with Woodward
Matthew Woodward spoke to the video blog team. And said this:

Watch EPT Monte Carlo S5: Interview with Matthew Woodward Final Table on PokerStars.tv

6.15pm: Tulchinskiy strong arm
Mikhail Tulchinskiy is the short stack three handed, but just shoved it in on an eight-high flop, getting Woodward to lay it down. At the start of this final table, we had names like Qu and Shah to type. Now it’s Tulchinskiy, De Korver and Woodward, 11, eight and eight letters, respectively. Bah.

5.45pm-6pm: Players on break
Players are taking a break, and when they return they will find Dag Martin Mikkelson Pieter de Korver with a monstrous stack. Here’s what they’re playing:

Pieter de Korver, Holland, 15,530,000
Matthew Woodward, USA, 8,340,000
Mikhail Tulchinskiy, Russia, 4,195,000


Pieter de Korver


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