EPT Monte Carlo: De Korver crowned champion

May 03, 2009

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Blinds: 150,000-300,000

8.50pm: Pieter de Korver wins the EPT Grand Final and €2.3million
Full report of Pieter de Korver’s amazing comeback, coming shortly.


Pieter de Korver

8.49pm: Matthew Woodward from the United States is eliminated in second place, collecting €1.3 million.
It’s over. On a flop of 5♥10♥6♥ de Korver checked and Woodward made it 700,000. True to tradition De Korver re-raised 20.1million. Woodward shook his head, sighed and said “I call.” He turned over 6♦4♥ for a flush draw. De Korver held 9♠6♠ for a pair of sixes. The turn, Q♠[, the river 7♠. Arms in the air, Peter de Korver wins the EPT Grand Final.

8.43pm: Fighting back
De Korver limps from the small blind and they see a flop. 10♦A♠A♣. Both check. the turn is K♠. Woodward makes it 350,000 and de korver re-raises to 900,000. Woodward shoves and de Korver folds.

8.35pm: New level
The new level starts without an ante.


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