EPT Monte Carlo: Luske flies out to burst the bubble

May 01, 2009

EPTAfter last year’s tortuous, two-hour bubble epic, this year’s lasted two hands. The player to sacrifice his own tournament future for the sake of our well-being was the Flying Dutchman Marcel Luske, who perished at the hands of Sebastian Ruthenberg.

Ruthenberg flopped a set of deuces on a 2♥10♥3♦ board and he called Luske’s shove. Luske had A♠9♠ and was drawing mighty thin. His miracle runner-runner never materialised and Luske is gone.


Marcel Luske at the centre of the bubble storm

That means that we’re down to 88, among them Luca Pagano, who has now cashed for a record 11th time on the EPT. Also Peter Traply, a PokerStars qualifier from Budapest, who was also the chip leader at the bubble stage this time last year.


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