EPT Monte Carlo: McDonald loses the farm

April 28, 2009

EPTMike “Timex” Mcdonald is one of the earliest big name casualties – and it will not be any consolation that he got his money in as good as he could have possibly hoped. With the blinds now at 150-300 with a 25 ante, McDonald raised to 750 from second position and was called by the button.

Ben Fineman, in the small blind re-raised to 3,000 and McDonald promptly moved his remaining 20,000 or so into the middle. The button quickly folded and Fineman matched his stack up against the EPT Dortmund season four winner. Fineman flipped K♠K♣ against McDonald’s A♠A♣ but managed to win out on the 7♣4♣7♠K♥5♣ board.

“You’ve got me covered right?” said the Canadian in a quiet voice, as Fineman quickly counted out his red 1,000 and gold 5,000 chips. The bad news was soon confirmed, McDonald bade the table good luck and departed, just another player to the rail.


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