EPT Monte Carlo: More room for Raymer

April 28, 2009


Level three comes to an end and the blinds go up to 150-300. Over on Greg Raymer’s table the atmosphere is relaxed. There are some tough tables in the room and this would be considered one of them. Davidi Kitai in seat one, next to Mark Randal Flowers and Greg Raymer. Further round sits Luca Pagano.

“I bet I’m the only one at this table who knows which band performed that song” said Raymer, talking about the short riff played over the tannoy to indicate the end of the level. It’s referred to by some as the “Chika-chikaaa” music, to others of the age of 25, and who might have seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as “Oh yeah” by the Swiss band Yello.

Needless to say no one at the table could name that tune and it was back to the poker.

Davidi Kitai, an EPT finalist himself having finished in third place in Barcelona at the start of this season, made it 725 from under-the-gun. Greg Raymer, putting his funky-eyed glasses on, raised it to 2,100. A hand was brewing.

The action was folded back to Kitai who re-raised, making it 14,000 in total. Left with little option, Raymer moved all-in for the few thousand he had left, called in a flash by Kitai who showed A♣A♠.

“You’re ahead of me” said the deadpan Raymer, turning over 9♥9♠.

Kitai stepped away from the table, almost sensing the pending nine.


When Kitai returned it was with a knife through his heart. Raymer said nothing but was back to more than 28,000. Kitai has about the same, not flying quite so high any more.

STOP PRESS: Mark Randal Flowers is out. He lost a chunk of chips back in level one and hasn’t been able to revive his stack since, exiting with K♥J♥ on a board of J♠7♥4♥ against A♥6♥. The 2♥ hit the turn and that was that.

STOP STOP PRESS: Making this entire story irrelevant, Raymer is out and it was his fellow Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano who pulled the trigger. Pagano had aces, Raymer pocket tens on a T-7-3 flop. When an ace hit the turn the money went in. Pagano now up to 95,000.


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