EPT Monte Carlo: Schulman shines in Salles des Etoiles

April 28, 2010


There is a chip leader somewhere in the midst of the crowd of 116 surviving players of day two, but the goal of players this day was to make the money. Well 128 of them did that today, making for a rapturous ending to day two, a finale of joy, at least one man hug and not a small amount of misery. Two years ago the bubble lasted a full two hours in this room. Tonight it lasted just two hands.

While Nick Schulman bagged up 742,000 – the clear leader ahead of David Sesso on 642,500 and Jean Francois Talbot on 635,000 – Ake Olsson is our story tonight, sent away empty handed from the Salle des Etoiles and out into a town where you could really use a couple of bucks.


Nick Schulman

With 137 players left the action slowed to a crawl. Idle play and calls for time stretched the floor staff who were required to count them down. But with 37 minutes left on the clock action went hand-for-hand.


Bubble boy Ake Olsson

The first brought nothing, but the second featured all ins on two tables. Riu Cao survived the first before Olsson departed on the next when his Q♦J♥ went in against Gilles Haddad’s 10♠6♥.


The bubble-upper Riu Cao

It looked like Olsson might pull through, but the ten and the six on the flop put an end to that. A few illicit flash bulbs, inappropriate tub thumping and thirty minutes of open play later and day two was at an end.

Tomorrow Schulman will act as hare to the pursuing greyhounds. Barking at his heels will be Matt Perrins (570,000), Sami Kelopuro (552,500), Domenico Iannone (536,000) and a pack behind them that will include faces of the type you’d expect to reach the business end of one of poker’s richest tournaments.


Sami Kelopuro

Chris Moneymaker (457,000), Alex Gomes (141,000), Victoria Coren (236,500), Lex Veldhuis (194,000) and Salvatore Bonavena (175,000) will be back tomorrow. Returning also will be season six winners Anton Wigg (177,000) and Kevin MacPhee (76,000) as well as Teddy Sheringham (117,000), Moritz Kranich, Juan Manuel Pastor, Gianni Giaroni, Martin Hruby and Rino Mathis.


Chris Moneymaker

The reigning World Champion Joe Cada won’t be coming with them. He busted today, as did his Team PokerStars Pro comrades Vanessa Rousso, Marcel Luske, Greg Raymer, Johnny Lodden, Humberto Brenes, Joe Hachem, Noah Boeken (breathe), Florian Langmann, Jan Heitmann, Michael Keiner, Johannes Steindl and Thierry van den Berg.


Joe Hachem

We’ll be back though for the noon start tomorrow. Full chip counts for today are here in glorious accuracy and in the meantime you can catch up on all of today’s news at each of the fully operational links below.

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That’s it for another day, the day when 413 became 116, the bubble burst and everyone took another step towards a first prize of €1,700,000. We’re back tomorrow for day three at noon. See you then.


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