EPT Monte Carlo: Not now Naujoks

May 01, 2009


Sandra Naujoks again, only this time the outcome has broken with tradition and gone against her.

Naujoks started things with a pre-flop 41,000 which Dag Martin Mikkelsen called from the button. Together they saw the flop, 7♣5♠3♥. Now Naujoks put 53,000 into the middle before Mikkelsen re-raised to 125,000, sprinkling five orange chips into the pot. Naujoks paused for a while, but eventually passed.

A few hands later Naujoks started in the same way – 41,000 pre-flop. The action was folded round to Eric Qu who picked now to move all-in. With just 92,000 left it was cheap for Vadim Shlez to call. He did, and so did Naujoks for a flop of J♠7♠K♥. Shlez and Naujoks checked it, and the K♠ on the turn.

_MG_7220_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Sandra Naujoks

When Qu turned over his A♠J♦ it seemed it was only to see which opponent was about to bust him. It turned out neither. “No?” he asked, more surprised than anyone. Qu then performed a small victory “whoop” before sitting back down, 300,000 richer.

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