EPT Monte Carlo: Now now Naujoks

May 01, 2009


EPT Dortmund winner Sandra Naujoks is riding the crest of a long wave of cards, and more importantly, making opponents pay for it.

It started with a pair of queens. Naujoks went on the rampage which when the smoke cleared left two players dazed and confused and on the bad side of the rail. Both had held jacks and were all-in in a near impossible situation – their last hope of beating Naujoks being to join forces to make quads. Nothing.


Sandra Naujoks from day one

Now re-armed with 600,000, Naujoks raised with pocket aces, calling an ace-five all-in to send another to the rail empty handed, as other players considered batonning down hatches. It would have proven prudent for at least one player. Naujoks found aces again, raising pre-flop with a caller before calling their all-in on the flop. Her opponent’s flush draw came to nothing – his tournament done.

Marcel Luske recounted all of this before tangling himself with the Black Mamba.

Naujoks made it 17,000 pre-flop which only Luske called, checking blind before the J♣8♠4♣ flop. Naujoks put in another 19,000 which Luske called again before J♠ turn. Both checked now, Luske looking slightly more concerned as the river came 4♥. This time the Dutchman went for his chips, 25,000 in reds, asking Naujoks the question. Naujoks said something like “eye-eye”, slightly exasperated, like not being able to stop a dog from following her. Some conversation followed of a German-Dutch kind, before Naujoks called.

It was a good call. Luske turned over Q♦10♣ but trailed Naujok’s Q♥Q♠. She made be getting cards but she’s playing them well. Up to 740,000 now. Luske down to 80,000.


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