EPT Monte Carlo: Points of order

April 29, 2009


Over on Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem’s table the poker is taking second fiddle to technical procedure.

On a board of 10♣6♠8♦8♠ Ben Kang checked to Hachem who made it 1,600. When Kang called the river came 10♦. Now the tricky bit. Hachem bet out again, 6,525 this time before the seat ten player pointed out that Kang hadn’t checked. Hachem apologised immediately, calling on the dealer to enact whatever procedure was necessary. Kang, gracious to the end, let it go, folding his hand.


Joe Hachem

Then another point of order. As Kang took his first card he stood to ask a waiter for coffee. When he sat back down again his hand had been mucked. Being on the big blind this cost more than usual. The floor person was called with most players agreeing that the decision to take his cards was wrong, morally more than anything. But the decision stood.

Again the big German took it well with apologies all round. “No harm done” said Kang, who had ordered coffee unsuccessfully four times. “I would have lost a big pot anyway. And I got my coffee now.”

All well again.


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