EPT Monte Carlo: Second ShootingStar combusts

May 01, 2009

EPTSebastian Ruthenberg has become the second ShootingStar to fizzle out within about ten minutes of the departure of Sandra Naujoks. He lost a big pot to Steven Silverman, when Silverman had aces to Ruthenberg’s 8-5 on an eight-high flop. “I think he tried some kind of move,” understated our German blogger Robin Scherr*.


Sebastian Ruthenberg

That left Ruthenberg crippled and he was soon all in and all out, busting in 32nd to force another table to break and the remaining 31 to squeeze eight-handed around four tables.

Johannes Strassmann and George Danzer continue to fly the flag for Deutschland.

Ludovic Lacay continues to lead, despite the close attentions of Matt Woodward and, now, Silverman. Lacay gave reporters an accurate count at the short break for the table rearrangement: he’s sitting on 2,720,000.

* Sure enough, it was a move. Scherr conferred with his countryman at the break and Ruthenberg raised to 55,000 in mid-position, then called Silverman’s re-raise to 160,000. The flop came 8-3-4 and Ruthenberg check-raised all in. That was the hand that crippled him.


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