EPT Monte Carlo: The return of Obrestad

May 01, 2009


Rumours of Annette Obrestad’s demise are wildly exagerated. Despite losing a massive pot, one that left her nursing a stack of just 150,000 (down from close to a million), the Norwegian killer queen is back up after a spell of nothing more than her A-game.

Most of it didn’t involve anything more than a raise. Obrestad rarely shows hands and does what she needs to do to keep her tournament alive. Faced with Gregory Zema and George Danzer at the other end of the table, both backed by stacks several towers bigger than her own, she didn’t let up, raising into them when they were in the blinds, and shown respect for it.

_MG_7132_Annette Obrestad_EPT5MON_Neil_Stoddart.jpg

Annette Obrestad

Another hand went a similar way, Obrestad re-raising pre-flop, sitting still like an ornamental doll as Zema folded, showing her one card.

“What was the other one?” she asked.

“A jack” he replied. Players tell her these things. Obrestad back up to 620,000.

While that was keeping a busy rail occupied Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko played his last hand, his stack stripped to 65,000 which he pushed in with Q-J from under-the-gun plus one. Sergio Castelluccio called from the big blind with A-J. A blank board crushed Kravchenko.


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