EPT Monte Carlo: Ziigmund no fraud

April 29, 2009

EPTPerhaps one of the more colourful characters playing in today’s tournament in Monte Carlo, is Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies. The Finn is squashed between the PokerStars ShootingStar Benjamin Kang and Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem, so not an ideal spot to begin with. However, this has not stopped him from getting involved in any pot he can, especially in position. Every pot is played the same, white baseball hat angled slightly and a permanent frown on his face as he stares down his opponents.

In a reraised pot against Kang, Sahamies checked behind on the J♠4♠Q♣ flop before betting 2,625 on the 10♦ turn, eliciting a fold from probably the tallest player in the tournament. (Yes, taller than Sebastian Chabal!)

Kang also tangled with the EPT Budapest winner Will Fry, the former raising in late position to 525 and the latter calling in the big blind. The two checked down the 10♦J♦10♥A♥5♦ board where Fry casually threw out 500 which Kang paid off and then mucked when he was shown A♠7♠.

Fry has also had the better of Sahamies so far, check-raising the high stakes cash player’s 950 bet on a Q♠8♥2♠ board to 2,275, Sahamies’ disgruntled look never changed but he gave up his cards, preferring to mess around with his iPod instead.


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