EPT Prague: Day 2, level 10 & 11 updates (blinds 800-1,600, 200 ante)

December 15, 2010


2.56pm: All rise
Break time at the end of level 11.

2.55pm: Kicking off
Controversy over on table two where tempers are frayed between Marc Gork and Christophe Pereira.

The issue arose after comments made by Pereira during an earlier visit from the floor. Pereira received a penalty for colourful language but did not get up from his seat, much to the irritation of players at the table.

The floor staff arrived to remind Pereira of his obligation and after a couple of reminders he got up to leave, allowing play to continue.

That meant Giacomo Maisto’s all-in with A♠K♠, called by Dan Murariu with Q♠Q♥.
The board ran K♥6♦2♠6♣5♦.

Maisto whooped “Come on bibi,” in a strong Italian accent and stacked up his new chips, as the blast of Vivaldi signalled the end of level 11. — SB

2.50pm: Pagano takes another one
Luca Pagano holds the record for most number of cashes on the EPT and he’s currently setting himself up for another one. Antoine Saout opened for 3,600 and Pagano three-bet to 9,000 from late position. Saout made the call.

The Italian Team PokerStars Pro was checked to on the J♦6♥K♠ flop and bet 10,700. Saout quickly passed as Pagano chipped up to 80,000. — RD

2.47pm: Big bet did the trick
Praz Bansi has doubled up to around 65,000 through his neighbour Ladislav Mika. The two were in the blinds and the action had reached the river with the board reading 3♠9♦8♣6♥ Q♦. Mika checked to Bansi who dwelled before moving all-in for his last 20,200. Mika separated the calling chips from his stack and made the call. Bansi tabled 7♣5♦ for a straight and took the pot as the local player folded. — MC

2.43pm: Toth aggression
Fatima Moreira de Melo–have we mentioned she is wearing a leopard print catsuit?–can’t find a decent spot and is struggling to improve her stack of 35,000. Team PokerStars Pro Richard Toth opened from the cut-off with a raise to 3,500 before De Melo re-raised to 11,000 from the small blind. If she hoped that would do the trick, she was wrong. Toth re-raised again to around 80,000.

De Melo tried for info. “Will you show if I fold?” she asked. No reply. She folded, Toth did not show. — SY

2.35pm: Off the Richter scale
Overnight chip leader Dirk Richter has shot through the 400,000 mark. No one else is even close to him at the moment. — SY

2.26pm: Boeree insta-fold
Pavel Lipa opened from middle position for 3,500 and Liv Boeree called in the cut-off. Neither of the blinds called (which included Praz Bansi). Neither player bet the 8♣J♣2♠ flop but a 10♠ on the turn was enough for Lipa to lead 6,000 and Boeree to call.

If the A♦ was good for Lipa, who bet 10,500, then it definitely wasn’t for Boeree who insta-folded with a flick of the finger. The Team PokerStars Pro is sat on 135,000. — RD

ept prague_day 2_liv boeree.jpg

Liv Boeree at EPT Prague

2.24pm: Fold and refresh
With the tendency for players to fold hands, then browse the internet on Blackberries, iPods and iPads, it’s a wonder they don’t just stay at home and play online. Regardless, as three players at his table do just that Ilkin Amirov (spell check name Amigo), from Azerbaijan, moved all-in behind a bet of 5,000 from Fabrice Soulier. To total was enough to make it all in for the Frenchman to call, which caused him some irritation. Soulier passed, dropping down to 31,000. — SB

2.20pm: De Melo setback
Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira de Melo–have we mentioned she is wearing a leopard print catsuit today?–bet 3,500 and got a call from Emilliano Bono and Yury Kerzhapkin. The flop was 7♠3♣8♦ and all three checked. On the A♣ turn, Bono bet 6,400 and De Melo called. The river was 6♣ and again De Melo called a 6,400 bet, only to be shown 3♠3♥ for the set.

Had we mentioned De Melo is in a leopard skin catsuit? — SY

2.15pm: Jorgensen out
He’d been battling with a short-stack since yesterday, and now Theo Jorgensen is out. Day 1A chip leader Elias Brussianos raised to 3,500 and Antonio Buonanno called before Team PokerStars Pro Jorgensen moved all-in for 15,700. When it was folded back to Brussianos, he re-raised to 100,000 to isolate:

Buonannos: 6♠6♣
Jorgensen: A♠8♦

The Dane was probably in better shape than he had hoped, but the board ran Q♥10♣7♣4♣ to send him home. “Good luck everyone,” he said as he walked off. — SY

ept prague_day 2_thoe jorgensen.jpg

Theo Jorgensen failed to spike his ace

2.13pm: We’re going to beat Bartley up
Another top horse tip from Stephen Bartley, another lump of cash lost by Team PokerStars Blog. When will learn to stop taking any notice of anything Bartley says, particularly when it comes to horses? — SY

2.12pm: Two in-a-row while it continues to snow
Wild celebrations from Marc Gork prompted us to see why he was celebrating but he was busy winning the next pot so we had to wait a minute before he could fill us in. He put down his book of poetry to explain how he moved up to 205,000 in chips.

He raised from early position with K♣9♣ and was called by Dmitry Vitkind in the small blind to go to a Q♣[7]4♣ flop. Gork’s 4,500 c-bet was raised to 12,500 by the Russian before Gork moved all-in. Vitkind thought for a while and called all-in with ace-queen. He couldn’t stay ahead though as Gork hit a king on the turn and a club on the river to take the lot.

The very next hand Gork raised, was called in one spot and re-raised in another. Gork moved all-in and both opponents folded. He flashed A♦K♦ and finished stacking his chips. — MC


Snow, snow, snow

2.04pm: Kisacikoglu up to 280,000
‘I’ve got a jack. I’ve got to call,’ said Fintan Gavin with top pair. Unfortunately for him he had kicker problems with a suited six against Orpen Kisacikoglu’s ace kicker. It was quite a large pot – closer to 200,000 than 100,000 – and Kirill Zapletin, who was sat to Gavin’s right, didn’t seem to believe his eyes. He sat shaking his head for a good minute after Gavin had walked away. To be fair the Russian is a player on the tighter side of things so calling off with a weak top pair would seem like madness to him.

Kisacikoglu is up to 280,000. — RD

2.02pm: Weisner makes a move
Melanie Weisner will not be on PokerStars qualifier Jan Bendik’s Christmas card list. On a 3♥2♠8♥ flop, she made it 4,900 and then called when Bendik raised to 11,700. The turn was 8♦ and now Weisner checked. Bendik bet 17,300, sending Weisner into the tank. When she emerged, it was to raise to nearly 35,000. Bendik tapped the table to acknowledge the good hand, and folded. Weisner showed Q♠7♦ for nothing. — SY

1.55pm: Raise to induce?
Toby Lewis’s stack headed south for the first two levels but he’s managed a double-up since his return from break. He told me that he min raised with A♣8♣ from the button and called all-in when Paul Knebel shoved from the big blind with Q♠8♠. Lewis up to 66,000 now. — MC

1.50pm: Sheer Kabrhel
Martin Kabrhel is out. The former EPT Prague side event winner is now free to roam where he is most successful, falling to the hand of former November Niner Antoine Saout. Kabrhel shoved with Q♠10♦ which Saout called with ace-nine.

The board ran [9][2][7][a][7] to send the Czech to the rail. – SB

1.40m: Keiner v Jorgensen round two
Team PokerStars Pros Michael Keiner and Theo Jorgensen were sat next to each other all of yesterday and they’ve been redrawn just one seat away from each other today. On the last hand before the break Jorgensen had three-bet to 6,500 and Keiner moved all-in for 28,000. No call from Theo and Michael keeps chipping up. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, ANTE 200

1.22pm: Level ends
That’s the end of the level. Players are taking a 15 minute break.

1.20pm: Rocky Roche
A minute before the break Peter Roche bet 5,000 in middle position only for Hugo Lemaire to move all-in for 30,200. Roche called showing pocket sevens to Lemaire’s pocket jacks. The board ran K♦2♦2♣Q♦J♠ to double up Lemaire. Roche down to 92,000. – SB

1.17pm: Lewis all-in
EPT Vilamoura winner Toby Lewis just shoved all-in for 23,000 from the button after a cut-off raise from Yavor Anastasov Tutev. Lewis seemed to be happy with his decision and Tutev, well, didn’t seem to be sure whether he should be happy or not. He held his cards up to muck then brought them back down before finally tossing them to the dealer. Lewis is up to 28,000 for a little over 20 big blinds. — RD

1.15pm: Old faces, new surroundings
I’m going to let you into a secret, Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree didn’t used to be very good at poker. I know it’s hard to believe but we all have to start somewhere. She mainly learnt her trade at the former Gutshot poker club in London which was a training ground for many of London’s future poker stars (including Bartley and I!). Two players she battled back in the day were two players she’s had to battle here in Prague.

For most of yesterday she was out of position to Laurence Houghton but came through that test. Today she is out of position to another formidable opponent – Praz Bansi and he just got the better of her in round one. The action folded to Boeree on the button and she raised to 2,700 before Bansi shoved for 24,700. She though for a while before open folding K♠10♠ saying she was a nit. The call would’ve been for about a third of her remaining stack and she decided to wait for a better spot. — MC

1.13pm: See you Cirianni
Francesco Cirianni (spell check name Biryani) is out, effectively ruining what was a memorable table draw. His departure was fitting for a poker warrior, his hand massively obliterated in Viking style, certain to allow him entry into Valhalla.

Holding pocket eights, Cirianni moved all in against countryman Marco Leonzo who called with pocket fours. The flop came [8][4][4], a flop that would make a lesser man cry. But instead Cirianni congratulated his victor and tootled off to the rail. We certainly salute him. – SB

1.10pm: Luber loser
Alexander Luber opened for 2,500, getting callers in small blind Nikolaos Levakis and big blind Rob Hollink, the only player in the hand who isn’t originally identified with a player number.

They each saw a flop of 9♣A♠7♦ which the blinds checked to Luber who, from the Arnaud Mattern school of extreme poker, plays with his left arm in plaster. He bet 5,000 which Levakis and Hollink called for a a 4♥ turn. Again, they checked to Luber who bet another 13,500. This time Hollink left it to Levakis to call for a 3♣ river card.

Again Levakis checked. Luber thought for a moment and then moved all-in for 23,500. Levakis did some of his own thinking, then called. Luber turned over A♣Q♣ to ruin Levakis’s day. Angry with himself Levakis looked once more at his cards, as if it were the first time he’d seen them. No good. He’s down to around 25,000 while Luber moves up to around 75,000. – SB

1.05pm: Leopard does not change spots
Have we mentioned that Fatima Moreira de Melo is wearing a leopard skin catsuit today? To be honest, it’s worth repeating, and I’ve dispatched our snapper Neil Stoddart on a mission to record this happy day for posterity.

Anyway, back to the poker. Hugo Lemaire opened with a raise to 8,000 before De Melo pounced with a re-raise to 15,000. Lemaire folded. How could he not believe a woman in a leopard skin catsuit? Have we mentioned that De Melo is wearing a leopard skin catsuit… — SY


Full-length picture coming shortly, gents

1pm: Worst hand wins
On a 6♦2♦5♠ flop, Peter Roche had bet 10,000 and Eyal Yunger called from the next seat along. But then Guillaume Darcourt re-raised to 27,000. Roche thought for a while and gave it up, but Yunger moved all-in for around 45,000 total. Insta call:

Yunger: A♣A♥
Darcourt: 3♦4♦

Darcourt had flopped the nuts, and stayed ahead on the J♣ turn and 8♥ river.

“Unbelievable,” said Roche. “I folded pocket kings.”

Darcourt moves up to around 190,000. — SY

12.55pm: Wake up!
Team PokerStars Pro Juan Manuel Pastor has the look of a man who has not had enough sleep. Baggy-eyed, disheveled hair… he looks just like me. But he perked up a little as this action played out at his table…

PokerStars qualifier Dan Murariu made it 2,600 from early position before Richard Gryko made it 7,200 from the next seat along. Murariu, who was covered by Gryko, gave the Englishman an indignant look before four-betting to 18,600, leaving around 60,000 behind. Now it was Gryko’s turn to look indignant, but after counting out his stack, and thinking for a minute, he decided to let it go. — SY

12.54pm: A video. Oh yes
And it talks about the start of the day. Oh yes…

12.52pm: Strange fold
Those late position tussles can create some peculiar hands but this one left me scratching my head. Stephane Albertini opened from the cut-off and was three-bet to Lennart Holz to 6,200. Albertini came back over the top for 14,600 and Holz made the call.

Albertini fired 14,000 at the 5♦4♣4♦ and Holz moved all-in. Albertini had around 20,000 left and was being laid close to four to one on the 80,000 pot. No good for Albertini. He mucked. — RD

12.42pm: Weisner not fazed by big pair
Melanie Weisner’s day has started well by busting Nikolay Karman. Karman was short stacked and held Q♥Q♠ which was ahead of the New Yorker’s A♠J♥. The board changed all that though as it ran 2♥8♣8♠A♥8♥ to pair her ace. She’s up to 125,000 as a result. – MC

12.40pm: Lucky hand
EPT Berlin champion Kevin MacPhee has wasted little time today in doubling up to 90,000. He raised with 4♠3♠ and called when three-bet by Frederik Jensen to see the [a][q][j] flop containing two spades. The action went check-check and K♠ fell on the turn. MacPhee led for 9,800 and called when Jensen set him in with pocket tens for a straight – drawing dead. MacPhee added “I can’t fold a hand I won an EPT with.” — MC

12.37pm: Boeree out flops kings
There are some players here at the EPT, which I could name but won’t, that would whoop and howl in flagrant disregard of poker etiquette when flopping Q♥Q♠6♠ with A♥Q♦ all-in against kings. Liv Boeree is certainly not one of them.

Pierre Fehner opened the pot for 2,600 and was called by Richard Kapalo in middle position before Boeree squeezed from the cut-off. Fehner moved all-in over the top for 27,700 total and Boeree obliged with the call. A queen appeared as the door card and as the flop opened up it revealed a second queen. Boeree simply gave a little nod of the head as if to say; ‘Yup, that will do it.’ And indeed it did with the A♦ on the river following the 5♣ turn to fill Boeree’s house and push her stack up to 90,000. ‘Unlucky,’ said Boeree as she lightly rapped the table. — RD

12.30pm: Party like it’s 2008
Tamas Lendvai just took a sip of red bull. It’s probably a good idea, for he’ll spend the day up against not only Salvatore Bonavena, but his friends from that memorable Prague win are also at the same table. Alfonso Amendola, his most easy to spot railbird, and yes, Francisco Cirianni, who, before his name was known, was once immortally referred to as Orange Jumper Brown Scarf guy.

It’s an amazing scene, almost an EPT reunion special where the combatants of that memorable final recount the experiences of that day. Where’s Andrew Chen when you need him?

As a colleague on the blog responded, on hearing of this remarkable draw: “It’s a railers dream!” Indeed it is. — SB

12.25pm: Just good friends
Team PokerStars Pros Theo Jorgensen and Michael Keiner had such a good time yesterday that they fiddled with the very essence of fate to make sure they were drawn together today. They’re both fairly short stacked but with the support of the other they can get through anything.

Joregensen just three-bet all-in for 18,300 after a Bruno “Kool Shen” Lopes raised to 2,700. The French rapper thought for a while but folded. — MC

12.20pm: Choo-choo
Francisco Torres has a little toy train engine sitting in front of him today. But it’s not just a toy – Torres puts the train to work by putting his chips on top of it and pushing it over the line when he makes a bet.

A whole new meaning to the word ‘railing’, then. — SY

12.15pm: Richter gets Richer
Dirk Richter had a stellar rise to the top of the chip count right at the death last night; so fast in fact that we did not really have chance to cover him. He seemed an obvious first stop for my first tour of the tournament floor today, and he was already in action.

The flop was Q♥8♥3♣ and Nikolay Losev had check-called Richter’s 10,000 bet. The turn was Q♠ and once again Losev called when Richter bet another 10,000. Finally, on the 8♣ river, Losev took a stab himself, betting 20,000. Richter was having none of that, and re-raised to 40,000.

Losev mucked quickly and Richter showed him Q♦10♦ for the full house. Richter is now up to 340,000 – a monstrous lead over the rest of the field. — SY


Dirk Richter

12.09pm: Busto
Already there have been two eliminations. It’s not clear who was first but it’s a toss up between Team PokerStars Pro Toni Judet and Christoffer Sonesson. — SB

12.08pm: Cards in the air
Play starts on Day 2.

11.55am: Everything ready for Day 2
We have our tea, the pencils are sharpened, our shoes shined the field of 254 players is slowly starting to arrive. Day two of EPT Prague is just minutes away; six levels of 75 minutes each and apparently no dinner break. That means if you want the full EPT experience from your own home eat only chocolate covered raisins and imitation Pringles until about 9 o’clock tonight.

We’re due to start at noon. We’ll have coverage all the way through. Who will be the first to mention Fatima Moreira de Melo’s leopard skin cat suit? Not to mention Kiril Zapletin’s squirrel-fur shoulder epaulettes. — SB


The tournament room

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Prague (according to player card):Rick Dacey (3003), Simon Young (3005), Marc Convey (3002) and Stephen Bartley(3004)


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