EPT Prague: Juha Helppi racks up another win, bursts through $4.5m lifetime cashes

December 13, 2012

Nordic powerhouse Juha Helppi wins yet again, taking career winnings past $4.5m.

You have to go all the way back to 2002 to find a year when Juha Helppi didn’t record a six-figure year in live cashes. The guy is a grinding machine, pure and simple. He’s the kind of player that most in the know groan about when drawn at the same table, opting to avoid tangling with them unnecessarily. Helppi took down the full first prize of €38,100, one of the few winners who didn’t chop. No messing around from the Finn.

It wasn’t a simple cruise to victory though: the final table also contained the likes of Grayson Ramage ($592,660 in live winnings, $3,110,109 in online tournaments), Mathew Frankland ($392,615 live, $1,660,433 online) and David Peters ($ 2,506,179 live, $2,918,511 online). Ireland’s Jude ‘j.thaddeus’ snuck into the money with a min-cash.

Event #13, 12 December
Buy-in: €1,100
Game: NLHE
Players: 119
Prize pool: €115,430


Juha Helppi

1. Juha Helppi, Finland, €38,100
2. Najib Kamand, UK, €21,950
3. Albert Daher, Lebanon, €12,700
4. Samuel Lindberg, Sweden, €10,100
5. Ondrej Vinklarek, Czech Republic, €7,800
6. Rudi Johnsen, Norway, €5,750
7. Mathew Frankland, UK, €4,600
8. Grayson Ramage, USA, €3,450
9. David Peters, USA, €2,890
10. Stefanos Pothculakis, Greece, €2,890
11. Jakob Tostesen, Denmark, €2,600
12. Jude Ainsworth, Ireland, €2,600


Taking down another trophy

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