Play resumes on the final table in level 21, with blinds at 6,000-12,000 (1,000 ante). There are slightly more than 30 minutes remaining in the level, and all the action will appear here. The chip counts page will be updated when official counts are taken at the end of each level; approximate counts will appear on this page. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Remember all the action is also available on EPT Live.

2pm: El Nasr raises pre-flop and gets it through. And that’s the final hand of that level. We go up to 8,000-16,000 for the next level.

1.55pm: Konstantinos Alexiou takes a sizeable pot from Andrew Chen. They get to a flop of 8s-Ks-2c, which both players check. The 9c turns and Alexiou bets 30,000. Chen calls. The river is 6d and Alexiou has another stab, this time 120,000. Chen seems reluctant, but calls and Alexiou flips 6h-9h for two pair, made through turn and river. It’s good.

1.50pm: After Mestre’s elimination, the players have slowed down a touch, and we haven’t seen a flop. The Greek player Alexiou Konstantinos had found his raising arm and took one down uncontested pre-flop.

1.38pm: Raul Mestre eliminated in eighth place, earning €71,800
Raul Mestre makes a standard raise from mid position and Fredrik Nygard reraises to 100,000 from the small blind. Mestre shoves for 311,000 and that sends Nygard into the tank. Eventually the Finn makes the call and he’s ahead with two red nines, beating Mestre’s Ac-7c. The flop is no help to Mestre – 8s-Jh-3h – and he stands up ready to leave. But he’s glancing to the heavens when the Ah turns, putting him into the lead. But this is a cruel game and the re-suck-out comes on the river, when the Qh gives a flush to Nygaard. We lose the Spanish pro and Nygard is back among the chip leaders.

_MG_7894_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Raul Mestre

1.30pm: After a photo call and the lengthy process of attaching their feature-table microphones, play is due to begin imminently around the final table of EPT Prague. Here’s the video introduction to the final table:

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