Final table play has entered level 22, with blinds at 8,000-16,000 (1,000 ante). The chip counts page will be updated when official counts are taken at the end of each level; approximate counts will appear on this page. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Remember all the action is also available on EPT Live.

3pm: Bonavena and Alexiou again get to a flop in a raised pot. It’s 8d-Qd-3s and both check. The turn is 9d and after Bonavena checks, Alexiou bets 50,000. Bonavena folds and Alexiou shows the Ad-4d, otherwise known as the nuts. That’s the end of the level, or thereabouts. Players take a 15 minute break.

_MG_7943_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Konstantinos Alexiou

2.55pm: Nasr El Nasr raises from the cut off and Massimo Di Cicco reraises all in from the big blind. It’s 177,000 more than El Nasr’s original raise. El Nasr thinks for a while, but folds, and Di Cicco shows pocket eights.

2.51pm: Nygard refuses to slow down and makes a standard pre-flop raise of close to 40,000. Nasr El Nasr shoves all in for another 224,000 from the big blind and the Finn goes into the tank again, where he has spent a good deal of this final table so far. El Nasr seems confident, but that doesn’t stop Nygard calling. He’s got A-J and is way behind against El Nasr’s A-K. The flop has plenty of action on it: 10h-Jh-Ks, but the turn and river brick and El Nasr doubles up to 556,000. Nygard has fewer than 600,000 now.

2.50pm: Konstantinos Alexiou is now the comfortable chip leader with 1,700,000 in chips after taking down that 700,000 pot from Fredik Nygard.

2.45pm: Di Cicco gets his short stack in pre-flop, but no one fancies taking it on. He stacks the blinds and antes. Soon after, Fredrik Nygard tries another pre-flop raise and Alexiou re-raises 190,000. Nygard never seems to fold to a re-raise and doesn’t this time either. He calls and sees 6d-Qs-Kh, which both players check. The Jc turns and they check it again, then the river is 5s. Finally someone bets – it’s Alexiou, who casually throws in 120,000. Nygard is visibly baffled – that’s one hell of a furrowed brow – and after a good deal of staring he calls. Alexiou has J-7 and it’s good.

2.35pm: Massimo Di Cicco makes a minimum raise and Nygard calls from the big blind. The flop comes Qs-3c-6d and after Nygard checks, Di Cicco bets 100,000 into an 86,000 pot. Nygard looks mighty confused, so decides to put the question back at the Italian, re-raising all in, which covers the Italian. But it looks like he’s made a decent read here as Di Cicco folds. Nygard is back with more than a million, Di Cicco has 211,000 and is the short stack.

2.32pm: Nasr El Nasr tries a button raise, tossing in close to 30,000-odd. But Massimo Di Cicco wants none of it and re-raises all in from the big blind, forcing the aggressive young German to rethink. He folds and is now the short stack.

2.30pm: Andrew Chen is getting involved with his newly acquired stack. He raises to 39,000 from mid-position, and Nasr El Nasr seems interested from the small blind. Interested, well, not that much. He folds.

_MG_7905_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Andrew Chen

2.25pm: Andrew Chen is all in again, with his stack now at 224,000. It’s still short, and he has no option. Bonavena calls with K-Qd and Chen is again staring at the abyss with K-9c, another dominated hand. But this time the flop is another miraculous one for the young Canadian: it’s A-9-9. “Wow,” he mouths. There’s no further action through turn and river and Chen can now play poker again.

2.10pm: Andrew Chen doubles up. He is forced to get his chips in pre-flop with just about any two, and he finds Q-7. Alexiou calls with K-Q and Chen is dominated. But the young Canadian sees a seven on the flop and doubles up, staying alive.

2.05pm: A peculiar hand plays out between the two millionaire chip leaders. Bonavena and Alexiou three and four bet pre-flop and build a pot of 354,000. The first three cards come down 4d-10d-8h and Bonavena suprises just about everyone with an all-in shove for more than a million. Alexiou shrugs and folds.


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