Play on the final table has entered level 25, with blinds at 15,000-30,000 (3,000 ante). The chip counts page will be updated when official counts are taken at the end of each level; approximate counts will appear on this page. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Remember all the action is also available on EPT Live.

7.45pm: Salvatore Bonavena raises pre-flop and Konstantinos Alexiou reraises all in. Bonavena calls! It’s Ad-Jh for the Italian player, K-10d for the Greek. There are two diamonds on the flop and one of them is a jack, giving hope to each of them. But the turn and river run out blank and Bonavena’s A-J holds up, putting him back to more than a million and taking a slice out of Alexiou.

7.40pm: Fredrik Nygard, Finland, eliminated in sixth place, earning €130,000
Andrew Chen puts Nygard to the test for his tournament life when he shoves all in with just the two of them remaining. Nygard calls and he has A-8. Chen was at it with Q-2. But the flop has a deuce on it, which gives Chen bottom pair. And it’s enough as the board blanks. Nygard is out, and Chen adds the Finn’s 300,000-odd to his stack.

_MG_7915_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Fredrik Nygard

7.35pm: Quads!
Massimo Di Cicco raises to 85,000 and Francisco Cirianni has a while to think, as is his style, but eventually folds. The next hand, Fredrik Nygard raises to 72,000 from the cut off and Konstantinos Alexiou calls from the button, as indeed is his style. The flop is Ks-6s-6c and Nygard bets 85,000. The turn is the Jc and Nygard bets 130,000. Alexiou calls again. The pot at this point is 637,000 and the 2d seems innocuous on the river. Nygard checks and Alexiou bets 200,000, which Nyard calls. A delighted Alexiou shows pocket sixes for the flopped quads and gets up close to 3 million.

7.30pm: Nygard raises to 72,000 and Konstantinos Alexiou calls rom the big blind. The flop is 3d-6h-2d, which they both check. The turn is the As and after Nygard checks, a bet of 80,000 is good enough for Nygard to win it.

7.25pm: Massimo Di Cicco moves all in for 328,000 from the cut off. Everyone folds. He is still the short stack, with 391,000; at the other end Konstantinos Alexiou has about 2.4m.

_MG_0005_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Massimo Di Cicco

7.20pm: Three players get to a flop of Kh-3d-3c and all check. The turn is the Jh and they all – Bonavena, Chen and Alexiou – all check again. The river is Qs and the all check that too and Alexiou wins with a jack.

7.15pm: Chen raises pre-flop – no surprise there – and Salvatore Bonavena calls again from the big blind. The flop is nine-high and Bonavena check-raises all in. Chen lets it go.

7.05pm: Nygard doubles up
Andrew Chen raises pre-flop and Fredrik Nygard reraises all in from the button, for about 320,000 more. Chen insta-calls after the blinds get out the way. Chen shows A-10 and Nygard shows a dominated A-5. But for the umpteenth time in a row, the best hand loses as the board shows Ac-6d-3d-7h-4c, which fills Nygard’s straight. He doubles up.

7pm: Konstantinos Alexiou raises to 200,000 pre-flop, described by William Thorson as “sick”. Everyone folds, including Fredrik Nygard in the big blind. Alexiou shows A-K behind the over-bet and he takes the blinds and antes.

6.55pm: Massive pot for Chen
Andrew Chen hasn’t changed his strategy since the break and raises pre-flop twice in a row. He takes down the first one, but Salvitore Bonavena re-raises to 135,000 on the second attempt and Chen has to find 64,000 to call. He finds it. The flop comes 2s-10s-Kd and Chen checks. Bonavena, who has position, fires 220,000. Chen calls and the pot swells to 773,000. The turn is among the most dangerous cards in the deck – Ks – filling flushes and/or boats and they both check. They also check the 8d river and Chen wins it when he shows K-J for three kings. Bonavena takes a huge hit and is down to 510,000. Chen has 1,600,000 and is closing in on the chip lead.

6.45pm: With the larger blinds, it didn’t take Massimo Di Cicco long to move his short stack all in. It was 233,000. Fredrik Nygard seemed to have a genuinely tough decision and pondered for a long, long time. And then he did call: and it turned out to be a good one. He had Ks-Js and he was up against Kc-9c. The flop, though, changed things: it was 3s-9s-3h, and although Di Cicco had hit his miracle 9, there was still a spade draw. The turn and river was good for Di Cicco, though – 4d-5h – and Di Cicco doubles up, leaving Nygard now the short stack.

6.40pm: We’re back, and the six remaining players have taken their seats. The chip count page has been updated with their counts at the break, and Andrew Chen gets a walk first hand back.


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