Play on the final table has entered level 26, with blinds at 20,000-40,000 (4,000 ante). The chip counts page will be updated regularly during each level. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Remember all the action from the final is available on EPT Live.

8.50pm:Players take a 15 minute break at the end of the level.

8.45pm: Francesco Cirianno eliminated in fifth place, earning €166,000
Cirianno has been raising all in pre-flop with great regularity recently, but he is finally looked up by Andrew Chen. His stack is about 480,000 when he makes the move, but he only has A-8h. Chen has found a dominating A-Q and the board this time runs out completely blank, meaning the best hand stands up for once. Cirianno’s charge is thwarted and we have lost our first Italian. Chen continues to be the dominant force and is closing in on the chip lead. Meanwhile Cirianno departs into the night.

_MG_9685_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Francesco Cirianna

8.40pm: Di Cicco makes a bet of 110,000 pre-flop. He doesn’t have much left behind suggesting that this might be his all-in moment. Cirianni folds, Chen folds, Bonavena folds and Alexiou does the same. Di Cicco wants to keep his cards and it’s no surprise when he showed aces.

8.37pm: Alexiou makes a minimum raise from the button and Andrew Chen calls from the big blind. They check the flop of 7s-Qs-5d, then Chen bets 70,000 at the 10h turn. Alexiou calls. The river is the 2d and Chen bets 200,000. It’s too rich for Alexiou and he folds.

8.35pm: A strange hand causes confusion everywhere. Cirianni moves in for a third time in three hands and it’s thought Alexiou called, showing pocket threes to Qc-Jc. But no, it seems Alexiou said fold. The dealer thought it was a call, but apparently not. More blinds for Cirianni.

8.30pm: Cirianni moves all-in two hands in a row, picking up the blinds each time uncontested, good for a stack of 410,000.

8.20pm: Di Cicco moves all-in for 334,000 which is folded round to Alexiou who begins chatting with Di Cicco about how much he’d like the call. It’s 294,000 to the Greek who opts instead to fold.

8.10pm: Bonavena opened the betting for 270,000 and finds Alexiou moving all-in behind him, a total of 1,926,000. For anyone to call it would be for all of there chips and it was folded back to the Italian making for a heads up hand. Bonavena thought about it, chatted with Alexiou before folding Ad-Kd face up. Alexiou showed A-Q and promptly celebrated with a drink.

_MG_9701_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Konstantinos Alexiou

8.05pm: Francesco Cirianni moves in, stares at the others and gets no callers, taking the pot.

7.55pm: Another weird hand ends with the short-stacked Massimo Di Cicco doubling up. The chip-leading Alexiou Konstantinos raises, Di Cicco re-raises Alexiou shoves, Di Cicco calls. The show A-2 (Di Cicco) and 8-6 (Alexiou). The flop has an ace on it and Di Cicco’s supporters go wild. He is now no longer the short stack.

7.50pm: Blinds are up, and we’re away again.


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