Play on the final table has entered level 27, with blinds at 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante). The chip counts page will be updated regularly during each level. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Remember all the action from the final is available on EPT Live.

10.10pm: That’s the end of the level and we now start level 28 with four players remaining.

10.05pm: Konstantinos Alexiou open raises all in for 1,075,000. Massimo Di Cicco, in the small blind, ponders and ponders and sizes up Andrew Chen’s stack behind him. He gets no reads from Chen, who hasn’t looked at his cards, and eventually Di Cicco lays it down. Chen then has the tough decision, but he also lays it down and Alexiou picks up the blinds and antes, worth 95,000.

9.55pm: Konstantinos Alexiou raises to 125,000 from the button and Massimo Di Cicco reraises all in from the small blind, for 665,000. Chen folds, Alexiou thinks, Alexiou folds.

9.50pm: After all that drama, the tension has ramped up again in Prague and the play has tightened. Perfect time, then, for a video blog special, entitled: “Tension”.

Watch EPT Prague S5: Final Table Tension on

9.40pm: Bonavena doubles up. Again!
This is a harsh game. Or a great one, depending on who you support. Andrew Chen and Salvatore Bonavena get them all in pre-flop and Chen has the massive Kc-Ks. Bonavena’s charge looks like it’s going to end here, when he tables Ac-5h. But an ace flops, the king stays away, and Bonavena now takes over the chip lead. Here’s what they have:

Bonavena – 2,068,000
Chen – 2,014,000
Alexiou – 825,000
Di Cicco – 780,000

9.37pm: Bonavena doubles up
Having moved in pre-flop again – the third time in a row – Salvatore Bonavena gets a call. He actually has the goods this time and shows As-Qd and Alexiou, his caller, has Ad-10h. The board comes Ah-6s-5h and the turn and river are also blanks – Js, Kc. He doubles up.

9.35pm: Salvatore Bonavena is now the one who moves all in pre-flop. He is the short stack, with only 340,000. Di Cicco thinks and thinks but keeps his stack intact and folds.

9.30pm: Massimo Di Cicco moves all in pre-flop for 730,000. Andrew Chen looks anguished as he folds, but fold he does. Di Cicco tries the same on the next hand, and this time everyone folds much quicker.

9.25pm: Andrew Chen follows up his breathtaking call with a reraise of Alexiou pre-flop. The Greek player, who has recently relinquished his chip lead for the first time during this final table, mucks dismissively. Chen is the first to pass three million and he has seized control of this final table in emphatic fashion.

9.20pm: Ace high wins
Chen makes it 115,000 pre-flop which Alexiou calls for a flop of 5s-9h-Qh. Alexiou checks and Chen makes it 120,000 to play which Alexiou calls for a 3s turn card. Both check that but things get more interesting on the river, a 7c. Alexiou bets 215,000. Chen thinks for a good while and makes an incredible call, showing Ac-6c to Alexiou’s Th-8h. Chen allows himself a smile and rockets into the lead. Chip counts that reflect those changes are now on the chip count page.

9.15pm: Some chip swapping going on with Di Cicco and Chen moving all in getting no takers.

9.05pm: Players return and Alexiou Konstantinos raises straight away. Massimo Alexiou reraises all in and Alexiou calls. The all in player has found A-A and Konstantinos has a meagre 5-7d which has the potential to crack aces. Not this time, though, as the board runs out dry. Di Cicco is up to 830,000 and that’s right up close to the third-placed player.

Players have taken a 15 minute break, and when they return they’ll be sitting behind these stacks:

Konstantinos Alexiou, Greece, 2,443,000
Andrew Chen, Canada, 2,019,000
Salvatore Bonavena, Italy, PokerStars sponsored player, 847,000
Massimo Di Cicco, Italy, PokerStars qualifier, 378,000


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